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NKSA has always tried to recognize team success, both on our website (front Banner and the Pictures page) and, on our social media platforms. In keeping with our desire to highlight individual development and success stories within the club, the NKSA Age Group Directors are excited to announce a new “Player of the Week” program.

Nominations for this recognition will be taken from each age group (YDA-U10, BU11-14, GU11-14, & HS.)  Nominations will be made by coaches or trainers through the club’s Basecamp group management application.  Coaches will receive an email reminder (Automatic Check-ins) on Sundays asking them for their input. The four winners, as well as the other nominees, will be announced each Tuesday.   
Winners will receive a black, Under Armour short-sleeve training shirt with the NKSA logo.  Winners and nominees will then be registered for an end of season drawing for an Under Armour player package.

For every nomination provided (maximum of one per week, per team,) each coach will be entered into a drawing for a Coaches Package to be given away at the end of the season as well.

Week Eight-May 21st

YDA-U10 Winner: Savannah Black, G09 PRO
GU11-U14 Winner: Ella Hoenderkamp, G08 PRO
BU11-14 Winner: Dominic Mills, B05 Premier 3
U15-U19 Winner: Allana Bringer, G03 PRO

Other Nominees
Andrew Kohl, B05 PRO
Nick Rodino - 2007 PRO
David Courtney, B07 Premier 1
Phoenix Parks, B07 Premier 2
Brett Bockmon, B08 PRO
Jackson Germann, B08 Premier
Reagan Ramage, G07 Premier 2
Lillian Isler, G08 Premier 1
Madison Lickert, G08 PRO
Gabrielle Pitsic, G07 PRO
Madalyn Listermann, G08 Premier 2
Ellise Armbruster, G07 Premier 1
Ellie Christofield, G07 Premier 1
THE ENTIRE G06 Premier Team
Noel Fisk-GHS Combined
Allana Bringer-G03 PRO
Londyn Frazier-G04 PRO

Week Seven-May 14

YDA-U10 Winner: Margo Harper, G10 Premier 2
GU11-U14 Winner: Paxton Hamm, G08 Premier 1
BU11-14 Winner: Peyton Ingalls, B08 Premier 1
U15-U19 Winner: Lindsay Oak, G02 PRO

Other Nominees
Aiden Sanders, B07 PRO
Owen Napier, B05 Premier 1
Louis Schlosser, B07 Premier 1
Carson Gregory, B07 Premier 2
Ryan Burke, B08 PRO
Mason Pemberton, B05 PRO
Julia Riedmiller, G05 PRO
Katie Riedmiller, G08 PRO
Margo Harper, G10 Premier 2
Ava Meyer, G06 PRO
Caroline Harper, G06 PRO
Alexa Gabbard, G08 Premier 2
Kate Young, G07 Premier 1
Morgan Boborg, G03 PRO
Alexa Luckhardt, GHS Fire
Syllus Conley, B09 PRO
Christian Carillo, B09 PRO

Week Six-May 7th

YDA-U10 Winner: Archer Burcham, B09 PRO
GU11-U14 Winner: Kacie Thompson, G08 Premier
BU11-14 Winner: Wyatt Brooks-B05 PRO
U15- U19 Winner: Margo Brandenburger-GHS Fire

Other Nominees
Caroline Nordman-G09 Premier 1
Chloe Shea - G07P1
Jenna Krauss - G06Pro2
Ryan Weghorn - G08Pro
Kacie Thompson - G08P1
Emma Courtenay - G07P2
Clarie Cavacini-G06 PRO
Sophia Karim - G07Pro from Buzz
Sophia Hollenkamp - G08P2 from Buzz
Nick Rodino-B07 PRO
Liam Haswell-B07 Premier 1
Ian McNair-B05 Thunder
Jenna Vogelpohl-G04 Storm
Margo Brandenburger-GHS Combined
Erin Cheek-G00 PRO

Week Five-April 30

This week's nomination list was BIG!! Numerous players were nominated for their outstanding performances at this past weekends NKSA Spring Classic.  Everyone should be congratulated on their play and effort!


YDA-U10 Winner: Kaylee Brown, G10/11 Premier

GU11-U14 Winner: Reece Wilkens, G08 PRO

BU11-14 Winner: Ben Unkraut, 07 PRO

U15-U19 Winner: Abigail Beane, G04 Storm

Other Nominees

Bryce Gabbard, B10/11 Premier 1 Aiden Roland, B10/11 Premier 2 Brooklyn Arnold, G10/11 Premier 2

Gracie Haines, G09 PRO Micah Dawson, G09 Premier 1 Jonas Toy, B09 PRO
Kaitlyn Woods, G07 Premier 3 Anna Valz, G07 Premier 3 Marley Price, G07 Premier 1
Tessa Schmidt, G07 Premier 2 Macy Gumm, G08 Premier 1 Anneliese Davis, G06 Premier 1
Kiana Cook, G05 Pro Max Wethington, B08 Premier Will Brassine, B07 Premier 1

Charlie Bihl, B07 Premier 2 Hallie Hagis, GHS Combined


Week Four-April 23

Week Four Recognition
YDA-U10 Winner: no nominees this week
GU11-U14 Winner: Ava Soward,07 Premier 2
BU11-14 Winner: Michael Finn,05 Premier 1
U15-U19 Winner: Jaiden Beaty, GHS Fire

Other Nominees
Allison Tiemeier-G08 Premier 1
Kate Davis-G07 PRO
Emily Green-G07 PRO
Ben Unkruat-B07 PRO
Lauren Allen-GHS Fire

Week Three-April 16th

YDA-U10 Winner: Ali Lickert, 10/11 P2
GU11-U14 Winner: Simone Bessong, G07 P1
BU11-14 Winner: Chase Kokocinski, B06 PRO
HS Winner: Ava Quigley, G03 PRO

Other Nominees
Natalie Heist, G06 P1 
Kenzi Fisher, G08 P1 
Gracie Iles, G08 PRO
Logan Sanning, 07 B Pro 
James Arbaugh, B08 P1
Logan Ford, B07 P2
Braxton Jones, B07 P1
Brian Sumner, B05 Pro
Jayden Boelter, G00 PRO

Week Two-April 9th

Week Two Recognition-April 9th
YDA-U10 Winner-Erin Lapke, G09 Premier 1
BU11-U14 Winner- Cooper Todd, Boys '07 Premier 1
GU11-U14 Winner-Julia Stegman, G08 Premier 1
HS Winner-Jayson Litzler, B04 PRO

Other nominees-
Caroline Kemper, G06 Premier
Joshua Strange, B05 Pro
Anthony (AJ) Bollin, B08 Premier
Christopher Chun, 07 Boys Pro
Carson Smith, G03 PRO

Week One-April 2nd

Week One Recognition-April 2nd
YDA-U10 Winner-none
BU11-U14 Winner-none
GU11-U14 Winner-Riley Atmore, G06 PRO 2
HS Winner-Karly Enginger, G04 Premier Surge

Other nominees-
Halena Handel, G02 Premier Sparx
Gavin Hawkins, NKSA 03 Boys Pro
Noelle Hubert, G02 Premier Fire
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