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Training Topics-Playing Through the Midfield

9v9 Match Analysis

Pictures of playing through the midfield effectively in this game…

Moment 1. 55 seconds on game clock.
Description: #5 finds highest target who is the number #7 in the midfield third. He could turn, but keeps possession by playing into #2 who finds #7 again. Lost his chance to go forwards so decides to switch to defender in middle third who invades the space ahead of him to invite opposition player out, creating pass into #11. #11 comes inside to combine with forward and advanced midfielder to create a 2 v1 in last third leading to a shot at goal.

Moment 2. 5 minutes 40 secs on game clock.
Description: Midfielder creates time and space for himself away from opposition midfielder to receives ball from GK turn and play forwards into #7, who isolates the opposition #3 and goes 1v.1 to create a goal scoring opportunity.

Moment 3. 6 minutes 12 seconds on game clock..
Description: Ball is won in midfield area in transition, midfielder plays into #11 and then into #9 who has dropped into midfield zone with back to goal. #9 switches the ball to #2 who combines with #7. Team are patient in midfield and eventually the defender has the ball again in the midfield. A counter movement by the midfielders occupies central opposition, allowing a passing line into the half space for the midfielder to drive forward into the attacking third and beyond.  

11v11 Match Analysis

Pictures of playing through the midfield effectively in this game…

Moment 1. 6 minutes 28 seconds on game clock
Description: Defender invades the middle third and finds the #10 dropping in to receive, and inviting his opposition defender out. #10 bounces the ball negatively to #6 who could penetrate into #9 or inverted #7 in the space created by the #10 dropping short and dragging a defender out. However, #6 sees that the opposition are compact and therefore that the space is in the wide area's. He finds the #11 in space in the attacking third.  

Moment 2. 11 minutes and 23 secs on game clock..
Description: #3 has dragged his defender away by occupying a higher space, creating the opportunity for the midfielder to drop into his position with time and space. #6 wants to play forward but sees the opposition starting to block off passing lines forward and match numbers in the wide area. He should play into the left foot of the #8 through the seam (gap between defenders) who could have bounced the ball off to the defender in the midfield area, who would have time and space. The ball still manages to work its way to that defender who is patient in possession and recycles the ball in the midfield with his fellow defender, before finally having the time and space to play directly in behind the opposition to a forward runner trying to break the last line of the opposition. 

Moment 3. 15 minutes, 11 seconds on game clock..
Description: Defender invades the midfield third with time and space in front of him. He visits the wide area by playing into the #11. The #11 cannot go forwards, so he plays a negative pass into #6. With a potential overload in the opposite wide area, he switches with a longer pass. As that ball was in the air, the #2 could have overlapped the #7 who could have played him in behind in the attacking third once received. Or the #7 could have played a wall pass with the #10 supporting him to try and keep the momentum of the attack going forward. However, the #7 and then #10's first touch, breaks the flow of the attack. The team are patient though and switch and recycle the ball for the #5 defender to eventually have time and space to play a more direct pass that nearly gets a weak sided advanced midfielder in behind the opposition in the attacking third. 

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Tactical Content

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soccer situation quiz

Playing Through the Midfield-#1
After winning the ball back, Blue #10 has possession and is pressured by Red #6.  Blue #7 and #9 are ahead in support, and have drawn the Red #4 and #5 wide in an effort to mark them.  Blue #6 offers support behind the ball.  Which option shown would be best, and WHY?

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