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Promoting sportsmanship, team-play, and self-confidence.

Promoting sportsmanship, team-play, and self-confidence.


Your practice time with your team is valuable and we want to help make EVERY practice session count! In this section you will find helpful material to do just that! Here is a little break down to help you get started.

In this section you will find a tab called "Practice Flowchart". Please use this chart to help make selections from the abundance of drills we have provided. Drills are easily adaptable, so that you can adjust them to your teams level. And as always remember to keep it FUN! 

Thank you coaches for all that you do! We appreciate your time and are always here to help! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have along the way! Welcome aboard and good luck this season!

Coaches Chart

Practice Layout

Coaches Training

Lakewood Soccer Club follows the U.S. Soccer Grassroots coaches licensing.  This is free of charge to Lakewood Soccer Club coaches, just turn in your receipts and we will reimburse you.  The philosophies that U.S. Soccer teaches are the keystones to the Lakewood Soccer Club program.  To get started visit the U.S. Soccer Coaches Training Page.

Soccer Skill Pyramid

The Skills Challenge Pyramids™ are part of the SoccerPlus High Performance player Development Program  - these are free technical skills videos featuring young soccer players and professionals performing a series of progressively more difficult activities from the SoccerPlus Skills Challenge Pyramid™.  There are 5 pyramids, each one related to the 5 stages of player development -- to learn how SoccerPlus is helping youth soccer organizations adopt more appropriate approaches to player and coach development contact David Newbery, [email protected] and visit to see more videos and download the training pdf.

Please click on the links below to access Soccer Skill Pyramids:

The first 3 skills of the second pyramid are the same as the last 3 for the first.  I have started with #4 of the second pyramid:

Double Tap and Dribble:

Same as before the first three are the last three from the previous pyramid 

Drag Back Lift and Hold:
Inside Foot Twist Off:
Ronaldo Chop:


Rondos are soccer drills where one group of players has the ball with overload advantage (3v1, 4v2, 5v2, 6v3) over another group of players. The basic objective of the group with overload advantage is to keep possession of the ball while the objective of the group with fewer players is to win the ball back.

Please Click on one of the links below :

Rondo 1

Rondo #2

Rondo #3

Small Sided Games

Small-sided games are games with a small number of players on each side, for example 3 v 3 or 5 v 5. The key point is that because there are fewer players, each player gets more touches of the ball, and there are many additional benefits.

Please Click the below link to access choices for the SSG portion of your practice:

64 Small Sided Games


The attacking soccer drills in this section aim to help you coach your players to make the most of the opportunities that come their way during a game. We look at ways to create chances for your attackers, small sided games  that will sharpen their reactions in front of goal, and tips on how to coach your attackers to be goal-machines.

Please click the below link to access Attacking Drills for you to choose from for your practice session:

Attacking Unopposed

Attacking 1v1 2v1 

Attacking Small Sided Games 


The defensive soccer drills and games in this section will help you coach your players to work as a unit at the back. We look at how your players should organize themselves, what are their roles and responsibilities as defenders, and how they should react in different defensive situations. With work, you should be able to coach your players to control the game at the back and to start great passing moves leading to goals at the other end.

Please click on the below link to access the Defensive section of your practice:

Defending Individual 

Defending in Twos

Team Defending 9v9 11v11

Full Season Program- Season Of Sessions

SAY Soccer has a full season of drills all set up and organized by age group!  Check it out here


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