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Athlete Hydration

Facts and Figures For Hydration of an Athlete

Making sure players are staying hydrated is a safety practice that all involved need to be cognizant of

  • Along with Tackling, Blocking and Stunting, Proper Hydration is a vital fundamental that youth coaches need to stress to young athletes.
  • Dehydration of 1-2 %of body weight can affect performance
  • Dehydration of > 3% of body weight can disturb physiological function and increase risk of developing heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke

What is taking place in the body of a dehydrated athlete ?

  • The main process of fluid loss is sweating which is critical for maintaining body temperature
  • 80% of heat loss is done through sweating on a humid day
  • 98% of heat loss is done  through sweating on a dry day
  • Not balancing fluid intake with fluid loss is the primary reason athletes get dehydrated

What are the signs and symptoms of dehydration we should be aware of  ?

  • Symptoms generally worsen as dehydration continues
  • Thirst  and muscle discomfort
  • Flushed skin, fatigue and muscle cramps
  • Dizzy, headaches, vomiting and chills

What can occur as a result of these symptoms of dehydration ?

  • Rise in core body temperature
  • increased stress on cardiovascular system making the heart work harder
  • blood becomes thicker which makes it harder to deliver oxygen
  • time to reach exhaustion is decreased dramatically
  • an increase in perception of effort to do the same task in experienced

When is it the most important for athletes to consume liquids- before or during exercise ?

  • Hydration needs to be the focus of athletes throughout the day
  • Monitor your urine : urine too dark or odorous, drink more.  Clear and without odor, you are hydrated
  • 7 % of athletes show up at practice or games dehydrated
  • During exercise, drink to match your water losses
  • Don’t forget, dehydration can set in after exercise too.
  • Bottom line is: drink before, during and after all sports related exercise and let urine output and color be your guide

Sports drinks versus Water

  • Water should be the mainstay of your hydration
  • Sports drinks do encourage you to drink more because of salt, sugar and taste
  • Salt and electrolytes help with faster absorption of fluid
  • Carbohydrates give the body an energy boost that is readily available upon drinking
  • A tip to follow is that water is better for before and during and sports drinks are better for after


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