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10 good nutritional habits of young athletes

  • Eat every three hours

If all you eat are three meals a day, you are setting yourself up for spikes and lulls of energy

Your body first reacts to sugar influx and then waits for the next huge dose

All you need to do is add a pre and post workout meal and your on your way to five meals a day

  • Eat Complete Meals

You need all the basics at every meal : Fat, Carbohydrates and Protein.

They work together to give you the best performance and the more satisfied with your meals

  • Have a Good Breakfast

Breakfast can jump start your metabolism for the whole day

Setting the foundation for your nutrition intake starts with a well rounded breakfast

  • Eat Veggies with every meal

Vegetables should be your primary source of carbohydrates since they release energy slowly

It is almost impossible to overeat vegetables, so put down that multi-vitamin and get at those Veggies

  • Don’t Drink Calories

Stop drinking soda and sugar juices

Get your calories from proteins and veggies

A general rule: the fewer the legs the better the meat is for you.  Fish is better than Chicken which is better than Beef.

  • Eat Fats that give back

Athletes need 20 to 70 percent of there calories to come from healthy fats like olive oil, flaxseed and avacado

Healthy fats actually decrease body fat and increase immunity

  • Have a Plan

Plan your meals ahead of time.  You will know what is in your food and what your portions should be

Have healthy snacks such as nuts, jerky and fruit can go a long way

  • Select your Carbs with care

Carbs are a common pitfall for athletes.

If you want to lose fat, you need to limit carb intake.

White carbs can make you sluggish and tired.  Get your carbs from veggies and see your energy level sore.

  • Stick to the 90 percent rule

When changing a nutritional plan, do not change everything at once. It can be very overwhelming

Stick to the healthy habits plan 90% of the time.

Occasional treats will help keep you consistent and not bored


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