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Wayne Wildcats Cheer Guidelines

Please review the information carefully and contact Cheer Directors with any questions: 
 Erin Monast and Stephanie Howard

Wayne Wildcats Cheer spans from August through early December.  

  • Practice begins August 1st.  A parent meeting will be scheduled before the start of practice.  

  • Your coach will let you know where your practice area will be. 

  • Practices will be Tuesday through Thursday nights. (except for Tiny Mites, who may practice two nights per week)

  • Once school begins, practices will drop based on age and competition level.

  • Parents should check with the coach or team parent to stay informed and current on all issues.


Cheerleaders are required to cheer at home and away games.  Per Pop Warner rules, all cheerleaders must attend at least eight games during the season. 

Wayne Wildcats offers competitive cheerleading and believes our program excels in this area.  Every cheerleader (even non-competitive) will compete at the BuxMont Cheer Competition, typically scheduled on a Saturday in early October.  This is an opportunity for all cheerleaders to showcase their routines.  Participation at Buxmont is required..  

Team Placement

All cheerleaders will be placed on teams the 1st week in July based on age and the number of athletes registered in the program.  Wayne Wildcats teams are based on the Pop Warner Age Guidelines which are as follows:

Non-Competitive Teams (Cheer Football and one exhibition competition):

  • Tiny Mites:  Grades K - 1

Competitive Teams (Cheer Football and various competitions- season may extend past November)

  •  Mighty Mites: Grades 2-3

  •  Jr Pee Wee or Pee Wee: Grades 4-5

  •  Junior Varsity or Varsity: Grades 6 - 8

What’s Included with the Registration Fee?

  • Uniform and pom pom rental

  • Wildcats Season Bow

  • October Breast Cancer Bow

  • Wildcats  Insurance

  • Wildcats  Indoor Practice Space as needed

  • Routine Music

  • Routine Signs 

  • Comp levels include competition fees for qualifying competitions (Regionals)

*Note: If a team advances beyond Regionals and Nationals, additional competition fees will be incurred by the cheerleader/family.  


Cheerleaders should arrive 10 minutes before practice.  Practices are required, and missing multiple practices will result in losing a spot or being removed from the routine.  August is a learning month.  If your child misses practice in August, s/he will be left behind.  Two weeks of conditioning are required before stunting or tumbling.  If your cheerleader misses practice, they must condition before stunting and tumbling.  Cheering is a team sport, and all members are critical for the routine.

Athletic sneakers must be worn to all practices and must be tied.  Without the correct sneakers, your child will NOT be allowed to practice.  No elevated sneakers or slip-ons are permitted.  No spaghetti straps, belly shirts, short shorts, jeans, or jean shorts are permitted.  No jewelry is permitted,  and hair must be up and off shoulders.

Water Bottles should be brought to practice with Water or Gatorade.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to arrange transportation to and from practices/games in a timely manner.  Every effort should be made for cheerleaders to arrive on time.  Parents should be at pick up at the end about 10-15 minutes prior to the end of practice.  Only legal guardians may pick up a child without written permission to the head coach from the legal guardian.

Respectable behavior is expected at all times. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Foul language will not be tolerated; anyone found using foul language will be dismissed immediately. Cell Phone use is not permitted during practices, games or league events of any kind.
All cheerleaders will stay with their Coaches or certified Team Parent during practices, games, and half-times.  If a cheerleading squad advances to a higher level of competition, they will travel and stay as a team at the event.

Safety: Please ensure your child's coach knows of any medical conditions or physical limitations such as Asthma or Allergies.  If your child requires any type of emergency medication, ie, inhaler, EpiPen, or seizure rescue, the coach must keep a second inhaler in case the child forgets to bring it to practice or games.  If your child is allergic to bees, you must alert her coach.  Every parent must come to their child's practice area to get their child at the end of practice. The children will not be permitted to leave until the coach has acknowledged the parent or the person they've been told will be picking them up. Please inform your coach if someone other than you will be picking your child up from practice.

All parents are required to take a turn helping in the Wildcats snack stand  throughout the season, during your child's games, practices, and/or scheduled events. If you cannot work at your scheduled time, as a courtesy, YOU must find a replacement and notify your team mom.  Parents may be assigned at any time, and volunteer work will be tracked to ensure all help. 

Cheerleaders can be dismissed without refund for the following reasons:  A cheerleader tells Coaches that she does not want to cheer.  A cheerleader attempts to intimidate fellow participants at practice by word and/or physical deed.  A cheerleader is an extreme discipline problem. A parent has not followed the Code of Conduct.  Each situation will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Cheerleaders should arrive at the games at minimum one hour prior to a game and stay until the game is over.  Competitive squads may be required to arrive 1 1/2-2 hours prior to the start of a game.  Parents must be present at the game by the end of the 3rd quarter.  Cheerleaders cheer in rain, snow, and cold weather conditions. If the football players play, cheerleaders cheer. Cheerleaders should come prepared to the games with complete uniform available. For inclement weather, sweatpants or leggings may be worn along with sweaters, gloves, hats and, if needed, jackets. Cheerleaders are to stay with the team the ENTIRE game.

Uniforms are the property of the Wayne Wildcats.. You will be responsible for damage or loss and will sign off on the condition of the uniform when distributed.  A uniform rental deposit may be required.   Care instructions sheets will be given when uniforms are distributed and should be followed explicitly.  Uniforms are to be worn ONLY for Official Wayne Wildcats  or Bux-Mont sponsored events (football games, competitions, and pictures). Uniforms are NOT to be worn as Halloween costumes. At the end of the season every cheerleader is responsible for returning their cleaned uniform at their designated time.  In order to maintain and accurate inventory of our uniforms your cooperation in this matter is needed.  You will be charged for a uniform if not returned.

Parents may be asked to purchase the following items to maintain a uniform look as a squad, which is at the parents/legal guardians' expense and will be in addition to the registration fee: bloomers/boy shorts, white no-show socks, cheer sneakers, and a crop top for non-competitive teams.  Your head coach or the cheer director will distribute details about these items.  For competition squads, there may be additional expenses if the head coach deems that additional items require purchase or a squad may have a "team dues" to help with these resources.  


Competitive Cheerleaders may compete in 3 Pop Warner-sponsored competitions should they advance.

BuxMont Cheer Competition

  • Dates: Typically held last weekend in September or first weekend in October.  
  • Location:  TBD (local) 
  • All Cheerleaders compete (non-competitive teams showcase their routine)
  • Qualifying teams will advance to Regionals.

Pop Warner Eastern Regional Cheerleading and Dance Competition

  • Dates: Typically held 1st weekend in November.
  • Location: Cure Insurance Arena, Trenton NJ
  • Qualifying teams will advance to Nationals

Pop Warner National Cheerleading and Dance Competition 

  • Dates: December 7-14, 2024
  • Location: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando Florida
  • Please note: We request that the family hold the entire week of Nationals as the teams will not receive the Order of Performance until 2 weeks prior to the event.

Additional Fees that a competition cheerleader may incur include:

  • Competition Fees
  • Practice Space
  • Travel Expenses
  • Spirit Wear for Nationals (includes a shirt and shorts for each day)

Post Season Competition Opportunities: (note these are at the discretion of the coaches and you should indicate to your head coach if you wish to have your child’s season end after Nationals.)

YCADA Globals or Other Opportunities Deemed Appropriate and Approved 

  • Dates:  End of February
  • Location: Atlantic City, TBD
  • Cost: Appx $90 fee to cheer.  Travel Costs.

As a reminder, all positions within Wayne Wildcats are volunteer roles and no one is compensated for their time.  Thus, we truly value and appreciate all volunteers and coaches.  Any member in good standing with Wildcats may volunteer to hold a coaching or team-parent position. Those interested in coaching must complete a coaching application and submit it to the Director of Cheer for review and the Executive Board will complete a review of the application and notify the individual(s) whose applications have been approved. All coaches and team parents must complete all clearances. In addition, all coaches and team parents must complete the online YCADA Coaches Education and Testing PW 101 course prior to the season start. Individuals who do not complete this course will be removed from their positions. It is also highly recommended that coaches complete the Coaches Competitive Edge program to understand YCADA-Pop Warner skill levels and scoring guidelines.

All coaching staff and team parents must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by Pop Warner and Wayne Wildcats. All coaches and team parents must have knowledge of and Pop Warner handbook. Coaches will operate under the direction of the Cheer Director and adhere to rules and regulations set forth by the association.

Per Pop Warner rules - Head Coaches are responsible for their own actions and the actions of the assistant coaches, staff, participants, and parents. The head coach will determine the role and responsibilities of the assistant coaches. Head coaches are responsible for communication with parents regarding games, practices, competitions, team updates, and any pertinent information that is passed down from the Cheer Director or the association. Head coaches are responsible for ensuring team books are put together and all paperwork received is accurate, ensuring all cheerleaders have their correct uniform and collecting uniforms and pom-poms at the end of the season.

Team Parents will be chosen by the head coach before the start of the season. Team parents are responsible for the following: 

  • Collecting team dues 

  • Keeping a detailed record of expenses used from team dues 

  • Working closely with the head coach to ensure the team book is properly put together and following up with parents if paperwork is missing 

  • Carrying the team book to competitions for book check

  • Orders/ distributes competition gifts for the team

  • Collecting any order forms and distributing items to parents 

  • Acts as a liaison between coaches and parents when needed 

  • Assists with fundraising efforts 

  • Organizes and manages team snack schedule and snackstand duties 

  • Keep records any accidents requiring first aid 

  • Coordinates end-of-season team party 

  • Collects any additional funds throughout the season for spirit wear, camp fees, coaches gifts, etc.

GUARANTEE DEADLINE:  Registrations after May 31 may result in a late fee and/or being wait-listed.

If you need financial assistance, we do have a scholarship program available. Please reach out to [email protected] to request support. 

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Required Forms and Links

All participants for football and cheer should first register online by selecting the appropriate program in the registration tab.  Once you have registered online, please complete the following forms as noted below.

Prior to the first practice in August, all Wildcat athletes must provide hardcopies in addition to any electronic submissions of each of the following:

All of these items are required prior to participating in any practices for all athletes - both football & cheerleading. Completed paperwork, pictures and birth certificates can be dropped off at any pre-season registration event. 

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