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Apr, 2020

Dynamo Recreation COVID-19 Update (4/11)

Dynamo Families,

It is our prayers that you and your families are continuing to remain healthy and safe.

Dynamo Soccer Club has been in operation as a non-profit 501C-3 organization for 15 years.  Please understand that as a non-profit 501C-3 we are closely monitored by the IRS to ensure that the money and policies that we manage are done so with the highest integrity.  Over the years, we have certainly seen our share of ups and downs, challenges and success, however, we have never encountered anything like the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The decisions that we make are very fluid and open ended, however, we believe that updating our population, as best we can, as things happen is one of our responsibilities.  We, your Dynamo Staff, are continuing to work every day to provide our Dynamo family the best options and service possible.  We have had to make decisions that have changed from day to day, and sometimes hour to hour.   Please bear with us as we, like all of you, are doing our best to navigate these difficult times.

It is our HOPE and prayer to be able to afford a full $85 discount for a future Dynamo Soccer Club season.  At this time, we have offered the best options that we can afford TODAY.  As things change, as we get refunds, as we receive Government support, we intend to be able to do more for our population.  As of now, Dynamo Soccer Club has NOT received any refunds or Government support.

The CURRENT options for Dynamo Families who have registered for Spring 2020 are as follows:

  1. Free Summer 2020 Season
  2. $50 credit to be used for any Dynamo Season other than Summer 2020.

We have received several questions regarding the Recreation Update (2) email that was sent out yesterday.  This, Recreation Update (3), email is in response to those questions as an attempt to be transparent about how decisions have been made and how we plan to progress moving forward.  I have tried to consolidate the questions that have been presented to us below, followed by our best ability to provide answers.  Please understand that we are continuing to live an unprecedented time and many things remain unknown and change on a daily or hourly basis.

Can you explain the cost of Dynamo Recreation versus the expenses that have already been paid?

Regular Registration: $95
Fundraiser Cost: $20

For anyone who registered on time, their cost would be $115.00 (plus a website fee of $3 that DSC does not receive) to Dynamo Soccer Club.  We are not allowed to refund fundraiser fees.  If anyone paid more than that, an increased cost would include late registration fees.  These numbers do not take into account the many people who registered during the early bird discount period at $85 registration price.

Cost include a paid staff of William Sparrer and myself.  Once registration opened for Spring 2020, last fall, work began to prepare for the season.  Setting up fields, netting and placing goals, painting fields, anchoring goals, making equipment bags for teams, finding and assigning coaches, creating rosters, making the schedule, corresponding with families, etc. had already been completed and paid for prior to the season.

Each season Dynamo Soccer Club has to pay for insurance which costs approx.. $10/player  This is paid prior to the first game date played for the Spring.

Because of our growth, Dynamo Soccer Club needed to purchase a new set of goals to accommodate an increased population who would be using Taylor Park.  These goals and field supplies cost a little over $13,000.00 and unfortunately were purchased a week before the shut-down.

There are other administrative costs that occur prior to the season kickoff including printing, paint (Hanover County Parks and Recreation provide white paint, however, we purchase Blue paint so that the lines can be more easily seen during the dormant season for Bermuda grass), internet, website, etc. 

Dynamo Soccer Club has NOT paid for any field rental from Hanover Parks and Recreation for Spring 2020.  I have requested that Hanover Parks and Recreation inquire from our local government the possibility of waiving field usage fees for 6 months to a year following the return to play.  IF that were to pass, then your future credit will increase.  Please understand that I DO NOT expect this as Parks and Recreation have also taken a huge financial hit and loss of revenue.

How did Dynamo Soccer Club derive the amount and method for future credits?
At this time, in order to remain in business for the future, Dynamo Soccer Club would take a huge financial hit with the CURRENT offers to our population.  However, after much analysis, feels strongly that the organization could survive, over time, given the credits that have been offered.

How can Dynamo Soccer Club offer a FREE summer season but only a credit on seasons after that?
The cost of insurance resets after August 1st.  All of the insurance that was paid prior to and for the Spring 2020 season covers the club until July 31st.  I have requested a refund from our insurance, however, understanding their business issues and losses, do not expect to receive one.  IF Dynamo Soccer Club receives a refund from our insurance, the amount of your future credit will increase.

Why can’t Dynamo Soccer Club just issue monetary refunds to everyone who registered for Spring 2020?
The online registration system that Dynamo Soccer Club uses for Recreation does NOT allow for a refund to credit cards.  To issue monetary refunds would incur additional costs in envelopes, checks, and postage.

What about the Dynamo Travel and Academy?
The Dynamo Travel and Academy programs are completely separate from the Recreational program, both operationally and fiscally.  The Dynamo Travel and Academy season has Not been cancelled and WILL continue over the summer.

Doesn’t Dynamo Soccer Club have insurance that can repay them in an event like this?
Our insurance does not cover catastrophic loss.  Even policies that do cover catastrophic loss, DO NOT cover pandemic.  Those policies cover general natural disasters like hurricanes and such.

Hasn’t Dynamo Soccer Club applied for Government loans and can’t those loans be used to offer a free season for those who have paid for spring already?
Dynamo Soccer Club has applied for several Government loans, however, has yet to be accepted or receive any funds from those applications. IF Dynamo Soccer Club receives Government assistance, then your future credit will increase.

Over the past 15 years, we have strived to do our very best to service the children and families in our community.  We have made a concerted effort to make ourselves available for questions and communication regarding your concerns.  If you have questions that you’d like answered, that are not answered here, please call or email me.  The office is closed, however, my email and cell number are listed below. 

I pray that you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and Easter Sunday.

Shawn Martin
Dynamo Soccer Club
General Manager; Travel Director

p: 804.730.6510
c: 804.201.0272
[email protected]


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