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Dynamo Soccer Club Recreation

U11/U12 Recreation Game Rules

U11 & U12 Game Rules (9 v 9)

U11 & U12 League Features
- Field size is 50 yards by 70 yards
- 7'x21' goals with goalkeeper
- No standings or scores are recorded
- 25 minute halves

Player Eligibility: Each player must be registered with Dynamo Soccer Club and can only be registered to one recreational team or program.  Players who are registered Travel Players with Virginia Youth Soccer Association, may not play on a Dynamo Soccer Club Team.

Coaching and Spectators: There is to be no coaching from behind the goals or from the spectator side of the field.  All teams and coaches will be on the designated side of the field with the spectators on the opposite side.  Spectators are asked to remain behind the dashed spectator line to give the players room to play

Number of Players: There is a maximum of 15 players per team. U11-U12 teams compete with 9 v 9. Eight field players and one goalkeeper. Teams are encouraged to play down a player if their team is winning by 5 goals or more.

Referees: Referees are High School players.  They have been instructed to teach the game of soccer to the younger children as they officiate. Please let them do their job, and if there are any problems or concerns, please contact Shawn Martin at [email protected] .

Minimum Number of Players to Start a Game: 6 per team. Coaches are encouraged, but not required, to play-down when the opposing team is playing short without jeopardizing the minimum playing time for each player.

Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper may use his hands anywhere inside the penalty box. The goalie may then throw or punt the ball to a teammate. While the Goalie in this age division is not restricted to the normal 6-second possession rule, please encourage him/her to distribute the ball quickly and not run east/west looking for an outlet.

Playing Time: There is a minimum of one half of playing time for each player.  

Game Length: Each game is divided into two twenty five minute halves. There is a 5 minute break at halftime.

Ball size: Size 4

Throw-ins: Throw-ins are taken when the opposing team kicks the ball across one of the sidelines. The player taking the throw must keep both feet on the ground when the ball is thrown and both hands must deliver the ball from behind and over his/her head in a continuous forward motion.

Goal kicks: Goal kicks are taken when the opposing team kicks the ball over the defending team's end-line. Players on the opposing team may position themselves anywhere on the field outside of the penalty box that the kick is being taken. The team kicking the ball may stand where they choose.  Once the kick is taken the game is live.

Corner Kicks: Corner kicks are taken when the ball crosses the end-line, and is last touched by a member of the defending team.

Fouls: Fouls such as handballs, tripping and pushing will occasionally occur, usually unintentionally. If an obvious foul occurs (at the discretion of the referee) then a direct free kick will be awarded.

Slide Tackles: There shall be no slide tackles. A direct free kick will be awarded for any infringement. Calls are made at the referees discretion.

Heading: If the ball hits a player in the head accidentally, play will be stopped and restarted with a drop-ball. If a player uses their head purposefully to hit the ball, play will stop and be restarted with a free kick for the opposing team. *If playing in a separate divisions, the U12 teams may head the ball. The U11 division will not be allowed to use their head.

Off-side: A player is in an offside position if he/she is closer to the opponent's goal than any opposing player (excluding the goalkeeper) at the moment the ball is played forward by a member of his/her team. A player can only be in an offside position in the offensive half of the field, and must be behind the defender and closer to the goal in order for the offside call to be made. Even (side-by-side) with the defender is NOT offside. A player is not offside during a throw-in, goal kick, or corner kick. A player not involved in the play may not be called for offside at the referee's discretion. If offside is called the result is an in-direct free kick for the opposing team from where the player was in the offside position.

Penalty Kicks: Penalty kicks will be awarded on obvious fouls and intentional handballs in the box that prevent a goal from being scored. They will be taken by a member of the fouled team from 12 yards out with a goalkeeper on the goal line. All other players must remain outside of the penalty box until the kick has been taken.

Jewelry: Stud earrings are permitted to be worn as long as they are completely covered by tape or band aids. 




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