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Softball Special Rules - 2020 including Pinto

Western Tidewater Softball Conference

Spring 2020 Special Rules and Regulations

WTSC is a fast pitch softball association, established for the purpose of facilitating inter-league play between the communities of the Western Tidewater Area. Each organization is an independent entity unto itself. Each organization is responsible for obtaining its own insurance policy and registering its teams with Pony. The WTSC will only govern the guidelines that it has established for inter-league play.

 Rules Governing Play

Rules for fast pitch in the 2016 Pony Girls Softball Rulebook apply with the exception of the following “Special Rules” attached.

a.      Shetland (6 u) – 1 hour time limit

b.      Pinto (8 u) - 1 hour and 20 minute time limit.  6 runs per inning, minimum 4 innings played.

c.      Mustang (10 u) - 1 hour 45 minute time limit. 5 runs per inning, All you can get in 5th & 6th innings.

d.      Bronco (12 u) - 1 hour 45 minute time limit. 5 runs per inning, All you can get in 5th, 6th and 7th innings.

e.      Pony (14 u) – 2 hour time limit.  No run limits.

f.       No new inning shall be started after the time limit is reached.

g.      A game can end in a tie.

h.      Games are considered complete and will not be made up when inclement weather interrupts play after 2 complete innings for 6U; after 3 complete innings for 8U and 10U; after 4 complete innings for 12U and 14U.

 Special Rules

1)      At all levels of play, if the stated slaughter rules within the Pony Rulebook are met, excluding pinto 3rd inning 12 run rule which is not in effect, the game may continue until the time limits are reached at each designated level. The win will be registered to the winning team based on Pony rules, this allows for more playing time for the girls.

2)      A maximum of four (4) innings per game, per pitcher for 10U and 12U.

3)      The scheduled game time indicates when the game will start, not when pre-game practice starts. A grace period of fifteen (15) minutes will be allowed for weekday games only.  All weekday games will have a scheduled start time of 6:15PM.

4)      A game may be started and finished using 8 players.  If a game is started with 8 players and other team roster players arrive they may be allowed to play and must be inserted at the bottom of the batting order.  When the 9th spot in the batting order comes up, and there is no player to occupy this slot, then it will be counted as an out.  In 8U, the 10th batter is not an automatic out if a team only has 9 players.  This rule is not in effect for 6U. 

5)      One player of league age eligibility from a participating association may be “loaned” between different teams within the same participating association for purposes of fielding 9 players to play a game.  However, the “loaned” player may not play the pitcher or catcher position at any time during the game with the exception of 8U.  NOTE: A “loaned” player at 8U may still play the catcher position but cannot play pitcher.

6)      For purposes of fielding a 14U age group, teams are allowed to have 15 year olds on the team.  The 15 year olds can pitch a maximum of 4 innings per game.

7)      Rain out Policy- The team scheduled as the Home team shall be responsible for contacting the Visiting team within 48 hrs in case of a rained out game. The Home team shall provide the Visiting team with two possible dates to reschedule the rained out game. The Visiting team shall accept either of the possible rescheduled dates within four days. The rained out game should be rescheduled within two weeks of the rainout if at all possible. Failure to comply with the time requirements of this policy shall be the basis of forfeit by the offending team.

8)      No regularly scheduled game will be postponed or cancelled except for unfavorable weather or by authorization of your softball Commissioner. Games rescheduled by mutual agreement shall also replay with the responsibility and time requirements set in the rainout policy above.

9)      If a batter throws a bat after hitting the ball, the umpire shall give a warning to the manager and player to not throw the bat.  A (W) will be placed next to batter’s name in the scorebook. If the same batter throws the bat again during the same game, then the batter will be called out and no runners will be allowed to advance.

10)  Any player warming up a pitcher must wear a catcher’s mask.

11)  Visiting teams shall receive free drinks after each regular season game.  Drinks for players and coaches only.

12)   End of season tournament trophies shall be purchased by the tournament host.

13)  All “END OF THE YEAR TOURNAMENTS” Championship games shall have no time limit imposed.    

14)  Unlimited defensive substitutions will be allowed at all age levels.  Defensive substitutions do not need to be reported.

8U Pinto Special Rules

  1. Rule 6 B (19):  When the ball is in the possession of an infielder and in the judgment of the umpire all play has ceased, time shall be called by the umpire.  All fields must have half way lines to help aide the umpire in assigning bases to runners who were between bases when time was called.
  2. Infield overthrow Rule - On an overthrow by an INFIELDER to any base, all base runners are allowed to attempt one additional base, at their own peril.  Once that runner is either out, or has advanced that one base from the original overthrow, she may not advance any further. If the runner is advancing to another base when the overthrow takes place (example: Running from first to second and the ball is over thrown at first.), then that runner may advance to the next base (third) other than the one she is running to at the time of the overthrow at her own peril.
  3. Pitcher must wear heart guard, all players must wear a protective face mask.
  4. Rule 6 B (10):  Pitched ball is dead when it hits the ground.  Any pitched ball that hits the ground before crossing the plate does not count as a pitch.
  5. The coach-pitcher is REQUIRED to exit the field once a batted ball is struck and in fair territory.
  6. No bunting or slap hitting.
  7. The official game ball for Pinto division will be an 11” Pony softball.
  8. Pinto teams have the option to bat up to 12 players using the EP rule.
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