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Sunday Select Mission Statement

General Information for the SRA Select Program - Spring - 2021

The SRA Select team program will allow the advanced and dedicated player to compete at a higher level against similar Elite, Select, All Star, Nations,

USSSA, or other established travel teams.  Games and tournaments will provide a higher level of competition to further the development of players

beginning at age 7 and continuing through approximately age 14. 

History:  SRA has fielded a few Select teams at different age groups over the past several years but the approach has been inconsistent.  Teams were

formed when someone, either a group or coach, expressed a desire to do so and received approval from the SRA Board.  This approach has not resulted in

a "Program" that allows the advanced and dedicated players to remain at SRA and progress through the various age groups.  Also, this inconsistent

approach could not be depended upon to provide the opportunity for higher levels of competition.  This approach has resulted in players and families

leaving SRA to find this higher level of competition and consistency. 

Vision:  Starting in 2015, SRA is establishing a "Select Program", which is integrated with our established recreation Softball and Baseball programs,

to consistently provide higher levels of competition, additional repetitions, and increased instruction.  This will be accomplished through

the establishment of Select teams for each Pony baseball and softball age group where there is interest from the membership.  These teams will allow

players to develop their skills and compete with other advanced and dedicated players from outside organizations and will provide a cost

effective and local alternative to families that may otherwise leave for travel teams.  These teams will also develop players that are prepared to

compete together on the local High School Junior Varsity and Varsity baseball teams.  Therefore, SRA will seek to form a strong relationship and

association with the Smithfield High School (SHS) baseball and softball programs that already have many former, and current, SRA members

participating.  To support this alignment with SHS, the SRA Select program teams will be encouraged to wear similar colors and/or jerseys that are worn

by SHS Varsity and JV players. Teams will also be encouraged to adopt the "Packers", "SRA Packers","Smithfield Packers", or similar team names.  SRA Select teams will participate in the Hampton Roads (HR) Pony Select/Elite games and may also play travel teams and/or tournaments as time, resources, and interest allow.

Initially, SRA will target one team at each Pony age group (Pinto, Mustang, etc.) and the teams will be comprised of players from those age groups (i.e. 7 & 8 year olds will play together on the Pinto/8U team).  Age is determined by the Pony Age Key.  An exception for a maximum of 2 players that "play up", by one Pony age group, may be made upon demonstrated skill level and approval of SRA Board or its designated representative.  Team size will be determined by each respective Manager and Coaching staff, but recommended minimum is 10 with a maximum of 12, unless approved by the SRA Board (or its designated representative).  Where there is interest and sufficient numbers of advanced and dedicated players, a second team may be added for the age group.  This team will also be comprised of eligible players from the Pony age group.  The second team in an age group may be formed if field space is available and approved by the SRA Board (or its designated representative).  Teams will be expected to participate in the Hampton Roads (HR) Pony Elite games that are available.  As the program grows, SRA desires to have teams at each age level (e.g. 7U, 8U, 13U) as sufficient interest, numbers of advanced and dedicated players, and facilities are available.

:  Participation in the recreation league is encouraged but is not required to be eligible for a Select team.  SRA membership is required.  A team may utilize "non-member" participants where necessary to ensure sufficient players are available to form the team provided those players participate in a tryout and are approved by the SRA Board (or its designated representative).  These "non-members" will be required to join SRA as members in order to participate. 

Tryouts:  Tryouts will be open to all eligible players in the respective age group and will be announced in advance to allow interested players to attend.  Tryouts will be scheduled prior to the spring and fall seasons (February and August).  Players must attend the tryouts as failure to tryout may disqualify the player from participating in the Select Program for that season.  The coaching staff and SRA Board (or its designated representative) may evaluate the situation and determine an appropriate response for players that miss the tryout due to extenuating circumstances.

Fees:  Fees for the select program will vary by team and are separate from, and in addition to, the SRA membership fees and players fees (if also

participating in the Fall recreation league).

Responsibility:  The Vice President and respective Commissioners are responsible for the implementation of the Sunday Select Program.
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