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Parkside LL (Parkrose-Lakeside)

About Us

About Us

Parkside Little League (previously Lakeside & Parkrose Little Leagues) is a non-profit organization run solely by dedicated volunteers. Both leagues have served their Northeast Portland communities for over 50 years.
Parkside Little League's goal is to provide a healthy environment for the youth of our community; to play ball, meet new friends, and build self-confidence & self-esteem. Our focus is to encourage participation, develop character & discipline, promote team work, and advocate citizenship & community pride.
We honor the true definition of competition by seeking to inspire and enable our kids to achieve excellence in the sport of baseball and in life.

Field Status

  • Knott City Park

    Updated: 04/05/2021 02:22PM
    • Knott Upper, 112th & Sacramento (fenced field with bleachers, next to restroom)
    • Knott Lower (between Headstart and restroom)
  • Normandale City Park

    Updated: 04/05/2021 02:22PM
    • Erv Lind Stadium
    • North
    • South
  • Riverside

    Updated: 04/05/2021 02:22PM
    • James Combs Field
  • McKenna City Park

    Updated: 06/10/2020 12:21AM
    • Field 1
  • Arbor Lodge City Park

    Updated: 04/05/2021 02:22PM
    • East
    • West
  • Rose City Park

    Updated: 04/05/2021 02:22PM
    • RCP NW
    • RCP T-ball field
    • RCP SE
  • Roseway Heights Middle School

    Updated: 04/05/2021 02:22PM
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
    • RWH T-ball field
  • Kenton City Park

    Updated: 04/05/2021 02:22PM
    • Upper
    • Lower
  • Batting A Thousand (practice cages)

    Updated: 04/05/2021 02:22PM
    • cage
  • Parkrose High School

    Updated: 06/10/2020 12:21AM
    • Indoor batting cages
    • baseball field