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NAC's Online Registration Information

Since this system is new, please read the following to help make your registration process go smoothly.

Effective JANUARY 2016, There is a $20 LATE FEE for players registering for NAC after the posted Registration Closing Date!

Effective July 29, 2016 ~ All Refunds for Registration Orders placed with Norwood Athletic Club are subject to a REFUND PROCESSING FEE. PLEASE scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the NAC Refund Policy!

1.  Norwood Athletic Club is no longer accepting paper registrations, all registrations must be submitted thru the online registration system. 

2. All families will be required to create an account the first time logging into our system.  Please add all family members, players and parents by choosing the add children or add adult options (alternate contact information such as phone numbers and emails can be added when another adult is added to the account).

3.  After the account is created this registration system will be used to register and make payments for any of the available programs. Through the registration system you will have access to all account information, including payments due, payments received, due dates, outstanding balances, etc.

4.  Norwood Athletic Club accepts Visa/MasterCard and Debit Cards.

5.  If you have multiple players, please register them all at the same time.  To do this after completing one registration, click the continue shopping button to register another player... OR simply add all the childrens' orders to the cart before checking out

6. The two outdoor sports, Baseball/Softball & Soccer, require a $50.00 Snack-Bar Deposit. This is FULLY REFUNDABLE once a family member works the Snack-Bar in two (2) separate shifts ... OR if an adult registers as a Coach/Asst Coach and volunteers their time throughout the sport's season, then the Deposit will be refunded!
**MAKE SURE you only pay for ONE $50.00 Snack-Bar Deposit for each of the two outdoor sports, Baseball/Softball & Soccer [If your child(ren) will play both outdoor sports, your Snack-Bar Deposit should be $100.00 in your cart ... 50 Baseball + 50 Soccer]. This is occurs mostly with the Family 3-Sport Registration Plan.

7.  The entire registration process occurs over a secure server using the highest security currently available.

 Thank you for using our NEW online registration!

*If unable to register, or encounter any problems with the registration process online, please contact Jeff Finley @ [email protected]. If Jeff is unavailable you can contact Ken White @ [email protected]

Registration and Fees:

Single Sport 12 and Under Baseball ,T-Ball & Softball

1 child  $80.00    

2 children  $140.00    

3 children  $200.00    

4 or more children  $260.00

Single Sport 13 and Older Baseball (Not Including Senior Edco)

1 child   $87

2 children  $149

3 children  $216

4 or more children  $289

Single Sport Intramural Soccer

1 child  $80.00

2 children  $160

3 children  $230

4 or more children  $320

Single Sport Travel Soccer

1 child  $120

2 children $220

3 children $320

4 or more children  $420

Family Registration 3 Sports (Winter Indoor Soccer, Spring Soccer & Little Kickers Soccer programs are NOT included in the 3 Sport Family Registration).  Fall Soccer programs (ie: travel & intramural) ARE both included in the family registration).

1 child  $230.00

2 children  $330.00

3 children  $530.00

4 or more children  $630.00

 Senior Edco Baseball: $125.00 w/ no snack bar deposit required

Family 3-Sport Registrations are only accepted during our winter membership drive.  Family registration opens January 1st and all forms and payments are due on or before February 20th.  This type of registration allows all of your children to participate in all sports offered for the year, age permitting.  Installment payments are available on all Family Plans.


Registration Deadlines and Age Requirements:

Family Registration for 3 sports
: January 1 - February 20

Softball Del-Val Travel Teams: 2016 Deadline To Register: March 10 ($20 Late Fee applied between March 11th - March 20th - No registr after Mar 20)

Baseball / Softball / T-Ball for Boys and Girls Age 5 - 18:  Sometime around the first week of March, T-Ball: Sometime around the third week of March! ($20 Late Fee applied after "Posted Soft Closing Date" For Registrations for approximately TEN (10) DAYS until the "Hard Closing Date")
    ... Example: In 2016 the Softball Registration Closing "Soft Date" was March 10th. A $20 Late Fee was applied from March 11th - 19th,
               with a "Hard Close" on March 19th!
       .... 2017 Dates might all be earlier!

Spring Soccer (Intramural/Instructional) Ages 2-10:  March 27 (not included in the family registration for 3 sports)  (snack bar fee discounted to $20, since it is only a 6 week program - once a week)

Fall Soccer - ages 2-4 - Little Kickers Fall Program: April thru June (not included in the family registration for 3 sports) (snack bar fee discounted to $20, since it is only a 6 week program - once a week - Sundays)

Fall Soccer (Intramural) Ages 5-7: April thru August 

Fall Soccer Ages: 7-16: April 30 thru May 28  (all soccer programs - go by "birth year")  (The fall soccer programs are included in the family registration for 3 sports)

Basketball for Boys: November

Winter Soccer (Intramural/Instructional) Ages: 2-10: End of December (not included in the family registration for 3 sports) 

Chester Pike and Del-Val Basketball for Girls:  Around Mid-December/Early-January

Norwood Athletic Club Refund Policy

Dear Club Member,


Effective IMMEDIATELY (July 29th, 2016 @ 7:00PM), there will be a Refund Processing Fee for Norwood Athletic Club Registrations for all sports (Baseball/Softball/Teeball, All Soccer Programs, & Basketball).


Once a child is registered for a particular sport, paid in full, and then opts NOT to play, there is a great deal of work, fees, and disruptions. We know "things come up," and children/parents change their minds, but the workload this creates, and the complications with team rosters that ensue, have prompted us to take this necessary action.


The administrative concerns resulting from "Opting Out" are similar to "Late Registrations," after the registration deadline passes; which is why there is also a $20.00 late fee (*Late Fees are NOT refundable) for NAC sports that began  in January 2016.



The Refund Processing Fees by sport/program are as follows (& Are subject to slight modifications without notice, in case this webpage information was not updated in a timely fashion to account for variances in Registration "Base" costs):


Baseball/Softball/TeeBall:                $25 (Base Cost $80) + Uniform Cost - IF ORDERED!*
$25 (13 and older $85) + Uniform Cost - IF ORDERED!*
$25 (Senior Edco $130) + Uniform Cost - IF ORDERED!*


Fall Soccer(Travel & Intramural):    $25 (Base Cost $80) + Uniform Cost - IF ORDERED!*
$25 (Travel $120) + Uniform Cost - IF ORDERED!*


Basketball:                                            $25(Base Cost $85) + Uniform Cost - IF ORDERED!*


Little Kickers Soccer:                          $15(Base Cost $55) + Uniform Cost - IF ORDERED!*


Winter Indoor Soccer:                       $15(Base Cost $50) + Uniform Cost - IF ORDERED!*


Spring Soccer:                                      $15(Base Cost $50) + Uniform Cost - IF ORDERED!*

"Tournament Trail" (Ripken/Ruth Districts)   
$35 (Base Cost $145) + Uniform Cost - IF ORDERED!*


 * If Uniforms have already been ordered, any refund will also be reduced by the cost of the uniform, and is determined per sport/per program based on the Uniform's cost.

* Anyone charged with the Uniform Fee may keep, or pick up, the uniform if they choose.


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but as always, we look forward to serving your family to the best of our ability by making Norwood Athletic Club the premier provider of youth sports in Delaware County.





Norwood Athletic Club