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Being a small community, it is a great achievement when any of our teams win or participate in a Championship game. This page contains the successes our children have accomplished over the years.  Below is a listing of Trophies and Awards that are displayed in our field house.

We CONGRATULATE all those who
participated or coached on the following teams.

***(A Small Portion Of Team Achievement Photos Are Shown At The Bottom)***


Boy's Baseball

1982 Delco League Midget Champions
1983 Delco League Midget Champions
1989 Delco League Midget Champions     
1990 Delco League Knee-Hi Champions
1990 DelCo Pee Wee Champions
1996 Prospect U-12 Tournament Champions
1997 Interboro League Minors Champions
1998 Interboro League Minors Champions
1999 Interboro League Minors Champions
1999 Delco League Knee-Hi Runners-up
1999 Glenolden U-10 Tournament Runners-up 
2000 Interboro Minors Runners-up
2000 Interboro Majors Runners-up
2001 U-12 Aldan Tournament Champions
2003 Interboro Minors Champions
2003 U-10 Landsdowne Tournament Runners-Up
2004 DelCo Rookie Runners-Up
2004 DelCo Rookies Runners-Up Norwood Tournament
2005 DelCo Rookies Runners-up Mickey Vernon Tournament 
2005 DelCo Rookies Champions
2005 DelCo Knee-Hi Champions
2005 Pony Champions-Norwood Tournament
2006  Delco Knee-Hi Champions(Norwood 1 team)
2006 Delco Knee-Hi Runners-Up (Norwood 2 team)
2006 Pony Champions-Norwood Tournament
2006 U-16 Lansdowne Tournament Runners-Up
2007 Delco Knee-Hi Champions
2008 Delco Junior Champions
2008 Delco Knee-Hi Runners-Up
2009 Interboro Minors Runners-up
2010 Interboro Minors Champions
2010 Interboro Majors Champions
2010 Delco Rooke Champions
2010 12u NAC Baseball Tournament Champions
2010 17U Edco Champions
2012 8U Prospect Park Tournament 3rd Place
2012 Delco Rookies Champions
2014 Interboro League - Minors 10U - Champions (Norw White)
2015 Interboro League - Majors 12U ~ Champions (Mudhens)
2015 Interboro League - Majors 12U ~ 2nd Place (Scrappers)
2015 EdCo League - Intermediate (17U)  ~ Champions
2016 Interboro Cal Ripken League - Majors 12U ~ Champions (Norw GRAY)
2016 Interboro Cal Ripken League - Rookies 8U ~ Champions (Norw WHITE)
2016 Interboro Cal Ripken District Team 12U ~ Champions (@ Mount Laruel "Summerslam")
2017 Interboro Cal Ripken League - Minors 10U ~ Champions (Norw WHITE)
2017 Interboro Cal Ripken League - Majors 12U ~ Champions (Norw GRAY)


Girl's Softball

1986 DelVal Senior Champions
1992 DelVal Intermediate "C" Champions
1993 DelVal Midget "C" Champions
1997 DelVal Intermediate "C" Champions
1997 DelVal PeeWee North Champions
1999 DelVal Midget "C" North Champions
1999 DelVal U-12 Summer Tournament Champions
2000 DelVal Intermediate "B" Runner-Up
2000 DelVal Pee Wee Non-Windmill Champions
2000 DelVal U-14 Summer Tournament Runner-Up
2001 DelVal Pee Wee Non-Windmill Champions
2001 DelVal Midget "D" North Runner-Up
2001 DelVal U-14 Summer Tournament Champions
2003 DelVal Intermediate "D" Runners-Up (Undefeated during season play)
2004 DelVal Midget "D" Champions
2006 DelVal Intermediate "C" Champions
2006 DelVal Midget "C" Champions
2007 DelVal Pee Wee Non-Windmill North Champions
2007 DelVal Midget "B" Runners-Up
2008 DelVal Midget "C" North Champions
2009 DelVal PeeWee "C" - Runners-Up (Undefeated Season)
2009 DelVal Midget "C" - Runners-Up
2010 Delval Pee Wee "B" Champions
2012 DelVal Intermediate "C" - Champions
2014 DelVal Intermediate "C" - Runners-Up
2015 DelVal 10U PeeWee "C" - Runners-Up
2015 DelVal 16U Junior "A" - Champions (*Undefeated Season*)
2016 DelVal 16U Early-Bird Tournament - Champions (Undefeated)
2016 Babe Ruth District - Champions - Interboro 14U Babe Ruth District Team
2017 Babe Ruth District - Runners-Up - Interboro 14U Babe Ruth District Team
2017 I.R.B.R.S.L. 12U Division ~ Champions (*Undefeated Season*)
2017 I.R.B.R.S.L. 14U Division - 2nd Place Runners-Up (Contested Championship Game)
2017 DelVal Juniors "A" ~ Champions


Boy's Basketball

1973-74 Delco League Third Place
1975-76 Don Guanella Tournament Runners-Up
1976-77 Delco League "C" Runners-Up
1978-79 Delco League "A" Champions
1978-79 Delco Grade School "B" Champions
1980-81 Linwood Tournament Runners-Up
1980-81 Aston Tournament Runners-Up
1982-83 Folcroft Holiday Tournament Runners-Up
1984-85 Aston Tournament Under 12 Runners-Up
1985-86 5th and 6th grade Regional Tournament Champions
1997-98 Edco Knee-Hi Runners-Up
2001-02 Ridley ABA U-15 Tournament Champions
2004-05 DelVal Midget Runners-Up
2007-08 DelVal Juniors Runners-Up
2012-13 Chester Pike League 10U "A" Champions
2014-15 DelCo Boys 10U B-Div NIT Runners-Up (NAC White)
2015   NAC'S   "Winter Tournament"   10U - Runner's-Up
2015-16   12U B-Div NIT Runners-Up


Girl's Basketball

1990-91 Eddystone 15 & Under Tournament Runners-Up
1995-96 DelVal Midgets "B" Champions
1997-98 DelVal Juniors "B" Runners-Up
1998-99 DelVal Midgets Runners-Up
1998-99 DelVal Juniors "A" Champions
2000-01 DelVal Juniors "B"  Champions
2003-04 DelVal Midget "B" Runners-Up
2004-05 DelVal Midget "B" Champions
2006-07 DelVal Seniors Runners-Up
2014-15 DelVal Midget (12U) Champions- (*Undefeated Season*)
2014-15 C.P. League 10U ~ BLUE Runners-Up
2015-16 C.P. League 8U ~ Champions
2015-16 C.P. League 12U ~ Champions
2015-16 C.P. League 14U ~ Champions
2015-16 C.P. League 10U ~ Runners-Up
2015-16 DelVal League 12U ~ Runners-Up
2016-17 C.P. League 8U ~ Champions
2016-17 C.P. League 10U ~ Champions

Soccer (CoEd Intramural)

2010 6U Black - Chester Pike League ~ 2nd Place
2011 8U - Chester Pike Soccer League Tournament ~ Champions (Norwood 1)
2012 8U - Chester Pike League Tournament ~ Champions
2012 6U - Chester Pike League Tournament ~ Champions
2013 6U - Chester Pike League Tournament ~ Champions
2014 6U Grey - Chester Pike League Tournament ~ 2nd Place
2014 8U White - Chester Pike League Tournament ~ Champions
2014 8U Grey - Chester Pike League Tournament ~ 2nd Place
2014 10U White - Chester Pike League Tournament ~ Champions
2014 10U Grey - Chester Pike League Tournament ~ 2nd Place
2014 12U White - Chester Pike League Tournament - 2nd Place
2015 6U Blue - Chester Pike League Tournament - Champions
2015 8U Grey - Chester Pike League Tournament - Champions
2015 8U White - Chester Pike League Tournament - 2nd Place
2015 10U Grey - Chester Pike League Tournament - 2nd Place
2015 12U Light Blue - Chester Pike League Tournament - 2nd Place

Soccer (Post Interboro Soccer Club Merger - Beginning Fall 2016)

2016 U7 WHITE - DelCo CoEd Intramural Soccer League Tournament - Champions
2016 U7 BLUE -   DelCo CoEd Intramural Soccer League Tournament - 2nd Place
2016 U9 WHITE - DelCo CoEd Intramural Soccer League Tournament - 2nd Place
2016 U15 - DelCo CoEd Intramural Soccer League Tournament - Champions (*Undefeated Tournament*)
2016 U12 - DelCo Boys League - Champions
2016 U13 - DelCo Boys League - Champions (*Undefeated*)
2017 U9 Gold - DelCo CoEd Intramural Soccer League Tournament - 2nd Place
2017 U7 Royal Blue - Norwood U7 In-House Tournament - Champions
2017 U7 Red - Norwood U7 In-House Tournament - 2nd Place

Sportsmanship Award

1976 PIAA Football Officials for 65lb. division     
1992-93 Bob Urban Award for Soccer
1990 DelVal Girl's Softball PeeWee North         
1990 DelVal Softball Intermediate "A"
1992 DelVal Girl's Softball Midget "B"                
1994 DelVal Softball Intermediate "C"
1995 DelVal Girl's Softball PeeWee  (1995 was the final year the Sportsmanship Award was distributed)


Deserving Recognition

2010 Norwood Tournament Baseball Winners
8U Division - Prospect Park
10U Division - Hilltop LL
12U Division - Norwood AC
12U Intramural Division - 


NAC 12U Girls ~ 1st Place Champions With Undefeated Season

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A Gripping Story About Sportsmanship

Friendship, Respect, and Sportsmanship Triumph Over Tragedy

The middle of June brings exciting times for children. The school year ends, swimming pools become crowded with the joyous voices of our little ones, and youth baseball and softball teams make their runs for post-season glory. Although youth sports sometimes brings out the best and worst of people through competition, real life lessons that should be taught are sometimes overlooked; making friends, having fun, and the true meaning of sportsmanship.

As the 2017 season came to an end, one particular game stood out from the rest. It was a 12 & Under girls championship game in the Interboro Babe Ruth Softball League. On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, Prospect Park Youth Club's 12U girls had high hopes of ending Norwood Athletic Club's undefeated season. They traveled a few short blocks up Chester Pike to Norwood's Amosland Park, bringing with them a group of dedicated coaches and players, equipment, and scores of fans. But their journey also contained something so special that one might live an entire lifetime and never witness it again.

As the game began at 6 o'clock, clouds were building. The entire second inning was marred by steady rain. The teams played on through the rain, and the sun rapidly emerged. Norwood only held the slightest of leads into the final two innings. The field started drying out, but would soon dampen up for an entirely different reason.

Prospect Park courageously gave everything they had in their quest for the first place crown. But in the end, Norwood held on to win. There was, however, one last "play" Prospect had not yet executed. The evening was no longer about winning, losing, or undefeated seasons.

Before league representatives handed out trophies to both organizations, a heartfelt announcement was made by Prospect Park's Head Coach, Shawn O'Shea. Coach O'Shea told the crowd his team had something very special for a player on the opposing roster. He briefly described the reasoning behind the gift as an effort spearheaded by his wife, Kim O'Shea. A soon to be stunned crowd would later view this as the ultimate gesture of respect.

Two of Coach O'Shea's Prospect Park players, his daughter Erin O'Shea, as well as Emma Nagle, stepped forward. Each girl carried a large, beautiful bouquet of flowers. They were presented to Norwood infielder and pitcher Olivia Halliday, and her younger sister, Kyleigh Halliday, who was cheering for Olivia that night. The sisters had been enduring a rough period the past few years. Their father, James "Jamie" Halliday, a life-long member of the NAC family, had been struggling with cancer. Jamie had just recently lost that battle, and the girls attended his funeral only a few days prior to this game.

Olivia thankfully accepted the flowers as she fought to hold back an onslaught of tears. She received a hug and a kiss on the forehead from her coach, Ken White, and graciously thanked Prospect again as they hugged her one by one. There was no way the field was going to dry anytime soon. Well over one hundred onlookers from both clubs experienced a swell of emotions. They just bore witness to a selfless act of kindness and compassion. An opposing team of young ladies, in the wake of an emotional loss in a championship game, consciously chose to soothe the heart of their victorious opponent for a loss that truly mattered in life. It does not get any better than something of this magnitude.

Prospect Park's 12 & Under Girls Softball Team for 2017 should be an inspiration to us all, especially in the eyes of defeat. The lessons learned from one simple summer evening could not be clearer. All of humanity should certainly take heed. This team's classy act proved that everyone, including our children, can be rivals on the field, friends off the field, and good stewards of society wherever we are each day. They have become a beacon of light that should shine on three words in the mission statements of every youth sports organization: Friendship, Respect, and Sportsmanship.

Written By:   Ken White




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2017 All-Star Pictures

12 & Under - NAC All-Stars

Olivia Halliday, Jadelyn Miller, Emily Kurzenski, & Gianna Dibeler

12 & Under All-Stars ~ All Teams

FROM THE PAST ~ Team Achievement Photos