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Registration Help Page

"Coach Pay" For NAC Hosted Tournaments

* ALERT - This page is for details related to Registration Help for COACH PAY only! This illustrated guide is only for coaches/clubs to pay their entrance fees online when entering a team(s) into Norwood Athletic Club hosted tournaments!

For general "user/player" registration help for families new or unfamiliar with NAC's website registration process, please visit the regular "Registration Help" link under the "ABOUT NAC" tab above for that step-by-step illustrated guide.

Before beginning it is important to know that the COACH .. or ... THE CLUB will be the only one needed to create a Norwood AC Account & register. Players from "Non-NAC" teams/clubs will NOT have to create an account and register.
Parents of Players to be on these tournament teams will be required to fill out Liability Waivers at the Tournament.

Coaches "might" be emailed any necessary waivers for ALL parents of the players on their team, as well as a ROSTER SHEET form!

Coaches or Clubs/Organizations      ---    Step #1

Create a new NAC account if you do not already have one. Click "REGISTER."
If you already have an account with NAC that you created AFTER January 2016, then simply login to that existing account.

Step #2

After your account is created, simply click on the "VOLUNTEER" tab on the left side of your "MY ACCOUNT" settings.
THEN click "FIND VOLUNTEER ROLES" near the upper right of the next screen.


Step #3

Look for the Tournament you want to enter.

*** IT MUST SAY "COACH PAY" like the picture in the next step (Step #4)

* WARNING --- If you do NOT see the item you want, you may have to scroll down & click "SHOW MORE"

Step #4

You should now see your available "COACH PAY" Tournaments to enter.
Select/Highlight the tournament and click "VIEW ROLES"

Step #5

Select the appropriate Age Division in the NAC Hosted Tournament(s) and click "CONTINUE"

* ALERT - If you are a "Club Representative" and your organization will be entering multiple teams across multiple ages, simply select any/all the Tournaments your club will enter, and click CONTINUE to add them all to your shopping cart in this step! This will give you and your club one checkout order, instead of multiple payments.

Step #6

Highlight your User "Profile" and click "CONTINUE"

Step #7

Agree to all the NAC Waivers and appropriate/required information and click "CONTINUE"
This includes Medical Liability Waiver, Criminal Conviction question, Name, Address, Phone, TEAM NAME, NAC Code Of Conduct, & an optional "Special Request" section

Step #8

Registration Summary Page ... Just click "CONTINUE"

Step #9

Payment Information Page -- This is where you will enter your Debit/Credit Card Info.
Be sure to review the "Billing Address" if you are using a Club/Organization Card with an address different than the address on the NAC Account. Then click "CONTINUE."

Then ... Complete & finalize your order!!!