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NAC Board of Directors

JR Cardell ~ President         

Jeff Finley ~ Vice President       [email protected]

Jenn Mathis ~ Secretary           [email protected]

Marvin Steele ~ Treasurer           

Bill Kavanagh ~ Asst. Treasurer          [email protected]

Garry Shropshire
- VP Concessions [email protected]

Adrian Gonzalez ~ Director          [email protected]

Ed Fitzpatrick ~ Director          [email protected]

Ron Bailey ~ Director b[email protected]

Gary Shropshire ~ Director          [email protected]

John Sykes - Director     [email protected]

Patty Butler - Director [email protected]


Jeff Finley ~ By-Laws           [email protected]

JR Cardell ~ Budget & Finance       

Jen Mathis ~ Awards and Pictures          [email protected]

Dave Cook ~ Ways and Means           [email protected]

JR Cardell ~ Audit          

Jeff Finley ~ Purchasing          [email protected]

JR Cardell ~ Property           

Gary Shropshire ~ Snack Bar          [email protected]

Pam Jantz ~ Snack Bar Signups/Calendar     [email protected]

Ed Fitzpatrick ~ Gym Time & Snack Bar Calenders       e[email protected]

Ken White ~ Publicity & Communications [email protected] (Updated Mar 2016)

Ken White ~ IT: Website Design/Host     [email protected] (Updated Mar 2016)


Athletic Directors

Jeff Finley ~ Boys Athletic Director           [email protected]
      Interboro Babe Ruth President

Bill Kavanagh ~ Girls Athletic Director      [email protected]

Andre Gallo - Cal Ripken Baseball Dir [email protected]

Greg Smith - Babe Ruth Baseball Dir [email protected]

John Sykes - 
Soccer Director             [email protected]

Joanne Bollinge
r - Intramural Soccer Dir [email protected]

Adrian Gonzalez ~ Girls Basketball    [email protected]

Rob Lamey ~ Boys Basketball (Fall Indoor & SUMMER Outdoor)  [email protected]

Adrian Gonzalez ~ Girls Softball          [email protected]

Joe Galiano~ T-Ball                            [email protected]