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It is with a deeply saddened heart that we inform you that we are mourning the loss of a very close member of The Norwood Athletic Club Family, James "Jamie" Halliday.

As a lifelong resident of Norwood, PA, Jamie grew up playing sports for Norwood Athletic Club. He was an integral part of The NAC Family his entire life, especially as an adult over the last fifteen years. During that time he contributed thousands of hours of work to our community. This includes building the NAC Snackbar, constructing the shed between the softball and 90 foot baseball fields, and coaching numerous teams; even when he was not feeling his absolute best.

His dedication and devotion as an outstanding father is evidenced through the wonder of his children. Their respect and kindness is a direct reflection of his endless love and guidance. There was no distance Jamie would not travel, duty he would not perform, or length of labor he would not pursue to ensure their upbringing gave them all the necessary tools to become the best that life can offer. Jamie was, without doubt, a pure inspiration to us all in how to be a loving, devoted, hard working man and father. His beautiful children will need our community now more than ever. We ask that you please keep them, his family, and friends in your hearts and prayers.

It is said that the best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others. Jamie repeatedly gave himself to his children and our community. We bid him a fond farewell, for now, until we meet again. May we all be fortunate enough to earn the winds of love, respect, and friendship he possessed - so they might one day carry us back to Jamie where he rests now, on the highest pedestal that he certainly achieved in life.

For those wishing to pay their respects, services have been scheduled as follows:

Saturday, June 17th, 2017 ~ Visitation 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM    Service @ 12:00 PM

Griffith Funeral Home

520 Chester Pike

Norwood, PA 19074


With deepest love and sympathy,

Norwood Athletic Club

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Thank you to Comcast, its employees,& all the volunteers who showed up for "Comcast Cares Day" and made their mark on NAC and the entire community. It was a long day full of hard work, and we accomplished a lot to make our sports complex a much better one for all the children ... despite the late afternoon rain!


A very special THANK YOU goes out to Coach Dan Kurzenski (Comcast employee), and his wife Karen Kurzenski, for securing Comcast's goodwill, and organizing & executing another fabulous day for NAC ... as well as "OK Rental" for loaning the necessary heavy machinery.


We would also like to personally thank Nicole Scalessa for giving 5+ hours of her time to paint the Norwood Athletic Club logo on the doors of our snackbar. Everyone loves it, and it looks awesome.

(We plan to paint this same logo on the side of our shed in the Girls' outfield using our existing field stencil as before. Anyone wishing to donate some time to make this happen can contact Ken White at [email protected] to arrange a potential date/time.)


Events like this are only possible by giving "time" to an organization such as ours. There is a core group of individuals who commit time from their family and lives 52 weeks a year to make NAC the envy of ALL youth clubs in our area. None of these positions are "paid," as this is strictly volunteer work to better our community for the children. Comcast Cares Day is simply a culmination of the philosophy of giving of one's self. THANK YOU COMCAST, DAN, KAREN, NICOLE, & EVERYONE ELSE WHO ATTENDED!


Anyone interested in giving ANY help to Norwood Athletic Club in terms of time with coaching, maintenance, equipment, labor, monetary, etc., is more than welcome to contact us. We are ALWAYS in need of good help and assistance across the board to keep our club thriving, and to make sure we remain Delaware County's premiere youth sports club.




Norwood Athletic Club