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NAC Mission Statement

Building A Better Community  

Norwood Athletic Club (NAC) is a non-profit youth sports organization offering Baseball, Softball, Tee-Ball, Basketball, and Soccer to local children between the ages of 5 and 22 in the small community of Norwood, Pennsylvania  in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  The organization's primary objective is to provide local children with opportunities to participate in youth sports, make friends, receive adult-supervised guidance through positive reinforcement, and remain active in community events. This is especially true for children who may otherwise not have been exposed to such offerings, due to lack of availability or acceptance, in other surroundings.

NAC plays an instrumental role in the creation, maintenance, and future development of local youth leagues, as well as hosting numerous sports tournaments and community events. The club encourages all neighboring youth organizations and their member families to actively participate in all NAC-associated activities.

The boys play in the Interboro, DelCo, DelVal, Edco leagues, and Cal Ripken Baseball. Girls' teams are members of the DelVal and Chester Pike Leagues, and Babe Ruth Softball. Our soccer program enters teams in gender-specific Delco, PAGS, & Central Leagues, and both genders play intramural together ("Co-Ed") in the Chester Pike Soccer League.

Norwood Athletic Club is the "Gold-Standard"  in nonprofit, volunteer-based involvement. The entire organization of Board Members, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, sport Directors, parents, etc., freely volunteer immeasurable amounts of  time, effort, and knowledge. This sets an example for, and improves the lives of, children with the hopes they will perpetuate these activities to maintain a strong community
going forward.