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Coaches Mandatory Training

Concussion Training

It is mandatory for all coaches to take the free concussion training course online or the one offered by the county.

All managers and coaches are now required by Hillsborough County to be certified in handling concussions and CPR.  There’s no charge, but you must complete one of the courses.




Coaching Certifications

All managers and coaches need to certified in coaching training.  Hillsborough County offers certification classes at the All People’s Life Center. Click on the link to the county website above. You may want to call ahead of time to confirm. These classes are free to attend and your certification is valid for two years.


Importance: High

All Coaches on Hillsborough County property are required to take a Training Class. Check your current certification to make sure it has not expired.

There is an online class via the National Alliance for Youth Sports ( 

The online class costs $25 and is only good for one year. 

We encourage all of you to attend the scheduled class above because compliance site checks at all athletic complexes will begin soon.  This requirement will need to be fulfilled to remain on County property.

Other required compliance items:

1. Florida Statutes:

FDLE background check – This is $24 and good for one year;jsessionid=hgEQOaEUltY0c8MUO3W_Dx_E1hB-YBHv05-nHxhV.JOURNEYSECONDARY?0


Concussion education – This is free online and good for two years