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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have registered my child - what's next?

A: TNC Baseball has competitive teams and recreational teams. Competitive teams usually are made of the more skilled player. They require a child to earn a spot based on try outs. With our recreational teams, we may still hold tryouts to evaluate each players current skill level and give them an opportunity to become comfortable with using equipment, being on a field, etc.
EVERY CHILD WILL BE ON A TEAM. We typically begin announcing tryout schedules towards the end of our season registration. Teams are established once registration is closed.

What will I be required to purchase for the season?

A: Your paid registration includes a hat and team jersey/shirt. You will be required to purchase baseball pants, belt, socks, glove, bat, batting helmet, and protective cup (if applicable).

Bat – Purchase the right size and fit that feels good for your child. You want your child to swing the bat without it being too heavy or too light.

Glove – Purchase the right fit for your child and know that all gloves are not made the same. Your child’s hand should fit comfortably in the glove and not have any of his/her hand sticking out.

Cleats – Sometimes it is difficult to find baseball cleats for the 4U and 6U younger players. Soccer cleats work just fine and are usually easier to find in sizes like 10T and 11T – please no metal cleats for safety purposes.

Helmet – Helmets are sized like a baseball cap size. Have your child try on the helmet to get the right fit. You don’t want the helmet to be too loose otherwise it will fall off when they hit and run to the bases. Black, dark blue, or white helmets are great because you can use for several seasons.

Baseball Bag – this is a great idea to keep all their equipment together so nothing gets lost, and helps them with responsibly when old enough to be in charge of their own equipment.

Cups - Protective cups are recommended for the 8U Division but are required for the 10u and 12U age divisions.

Pants/Socks/Belt are required. Packages will be available through TNC so check with your Team Mom/Manager for more information.

Q: Will coaches receive a uniform?

A: Coaches will receive a jersey/shirt and a TNC Kings hat. 


Q: When will uniforms be given to the players and coaches?

A: Uniforms will be available before the first game of the season.


Q: Will parents be able to order shirts and hats to wear in support of the team?

A: Yes. Lots of great gear is available at the TNC Kings web store located HERE


Q. How many practices will there be and what time will they be held?
Standard Practices typically follow this type of schedule:
Wrangler - (1) 1-hour practice each week or (2) 30 mins practices each week
Shetland - (2) 1.5-hour practices each week
Pinto - (2) 1.5-hour practices each week
Mustang - (2) 1.5-hour practices each week
Bronco - (2) 1.5-hour practices each week
Pony - (2) 1.5-hour practices each week
Practice schedules (including days/times) will be determined by the individual coaches once your child is assigned to a team. Be sure to communicate any conflicts (such as planned vacations, practices for other sports teams, etc) with the practice schedule as early as possible with your coach. We just ask that your child is on time and ready to practice.

Q. How long are the seasons?

Fall Season - Practices for the Fall Season typically begin around the first part of September and the season games typically end around the first to middle-end of November.

Spring Season - Practices for the Spring Season typically begin around the first week of February and the season games typically end around the second week of May.

All-Star Season - Practices Typically Start by the end of May and may last through July, depending on tournament dates

 *Note: Any season may be extended due to tournament participation

Q: Will the team have pictures made?

A: Town N Country will provide a picture date sometimes around a month into the season. Picture Days are usually held on Sundays in the afternoon due to fact that all teams have games schedule on Saturdays. Literature about the purchase of pictures and it will be distributed to the parents at least 3 days prior to the scheduled picture day. It is recommended that players are dressed in full uniform for picture day and bring any props such as a glove, bat, or ball.


Q: Will awards be handed out at the end of the season.

A: Spring baseball season typically ends with a closing ceremony. There will be participation medals given to each player. This does not typically happen during the Fall Season. Trophies can be expensive so if parents would like to issue a trophy at the end of the season (Spring), each team has the option to collect a contribution amount from each parent prior to issuing the trophy. It will be left to the team managers to decide whether or not your team wants to do this. These would usually only done for the younger Wrangler and Shetland children. 


Q: What is Snack Duty?

A: Parents of our younger Wrangler and Shetland players may sometimes be asked to supply snacks the team's players for at least one game during the season. Most sports have after-game snacks offered to these younger players. A snack schedule will be assigned before the first game commences. They should be eaten 30 minutes after game time and the goal is to help tired muscles recover. Children who stay active most of the game (and practice) are likely to have glycogen stores (carbs stored in muscles used for energy) that are somewhat depleted — and it’s a good idea to replace them. Snacks suggestions for kids of all ages are: crackers, cookies, trail mix, grapes, oranges, fruit snacks, jerky, potato chips, pretzels, applesauce or fruit cup (don’t forget the spoon), juice box, water or Gatorade. You can get a feel for what the parents like their kids to have after just a few games.


Q: Why am I being asked to supply two cases of canned drinks for the concession stand?

A: Two cases (12 packs) of canned soda is to be provided by every parent in lieu of each parent working a shift at the concession stand. The sodas will be used to supply the concession stand with sodas for purchase. The canned drinks must be name brand and not store brand soda because they are used for resale. Please write your child's first and last name on the case of drinks so we can track who has provided the cases of drinks.


Q: Are all games played at Town & Country's Shimberg's Complex?

A: No. Some games will be played at other Tampa-area parks such as Wellswood, Skyway, Forest Hills, North Tampa, or Temple Terrace. Parents will be given enough advance notice of 'Away' games with instructions of the field location

·         Wellswood Youth Baseball ( View Directions ) 4901 North Howard Avenue Tampa Florida

·         Bear Creek Pony Baseball ( View Directions )1600 Bear Crossing Drive Orlando Florida

·         East Point All Stars( View Directions )11609 Clay Pit Road Seffner Florida

·         North Tampa Pony Baseball( View Directions )6800 North Rome Avenue Tampa Florida

·         Orlando Pony Baseball( View Directions )5165 Metrowest Blvd. Orlando Florida

·         Skyway Park( View Directions )3901 George Road Tampa Florida

·         South Brandon Pony Baseball( View Directions )800 South Parsons Avenue Brandon Florida

·         Temple Terrace Pony Baseball( View Directions )10369 U.S. Highway 301 North Thonotosassa Florida

·         Forest Hills Youth Baseball (View Directions) 9630 Orange Grove Dr, Tampa, FL 33618

·         Town N Country Pony Baseball( View Directions )7301 Baseball Avenue Tampa Florida

Q. Which Field?