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Board of Directors

PRESIDENT - ExecutiveRob Guerrero[email protected]
VICE PRESIDENT - ExecutiveJuan Fontela[email protected] 
SECRETARY - ExecutiveSamantha Latimer[email protected]
TREASURER - ExecutiveJanelle Artise[email protected]
INFORMATION OFFICER Tiffany Guerrero [email protected] 
FACILITIES DIRECTORJohn Latimer[email protected]
TEAM MOM DIRECTORAmber Johnson[email protected]
6U PLAYER AGENT vacant  
8U PLAYER AGENT vacant  
10U PLAYER AGENT vacant  
12U PLAYER AGENT Jason Rue [email protected]

Town 'N Country Baseball is currently accepting applications for board membership. The completed board member application should be emailed to [email protected]

CLICK HERE to be directed to the application form.

League inquiries can be directed to the corresponding league officer.

July 11, 2019 - UPDATE

Town 'N Country Baseball  a critical Board position to fill. All board positions are Volunteer opportunities. Applications will be reviewed and voted on by current board members.


Maintains the operation of concession stand facilities; organizes  the purchase of concession products; responsible for the management of the concession sales at league events; schedules volunteers to work the concession stand during park events; collects and reviews concession related offers including coupons, discounts, and bulk-purchasing opportunities; and organizes, and keeps records of concession sales and purchases.

This is ideal for someone interested in gaining business management and operations experience, highlighting P&L responsibilities. Basic budgeting, organization, and accountability is needed.



As a nonprofit board director, you get the opportunity to be a representative of the diversity and social culture of your community. It’s also an opportunity to serve in a leadership position in an organization that serves others. Nonprofit board service can provide personal and professional benefits for those who elect to serve.



Learning how to help shape a nonprofit organization’s mission and vision is a huge source of pride and satisfaction. It’s an opportunity to learn more about an important cause, the people it affects, and the businesses and people in your community who support it.

Nonprofit board service also offers you the opportunity to form deeper connections with your community as you offer service as a dedicated leader. Nonprofit board directors also often get opportunities to practice public speaking at fundraisers and community events, which can also be a strong asset in your personal and professional life.

Everyone has a unique circle of friends and center of influence. Nonprofit board director service gives you the opportunity to use your personal connections to help bring your community together for a distinct purpose. Those connections may serve you in various ways at other points in your life because of the deep and lasting relationships that you develop during the process.

Your service as a nonprofit board director comes with many responsibilities that will teach you more about how organizations run. Learning about governance practices will help you to understand more about corporate finance and what drives its success, which may help you make better decisions about your personal finance portfolio.



Employers like to see resumes for that list volunteerism or leadership experience. Employers know how much their employees gain by volunteering for organizations they care about. When their employees gain knowledge and experience, the company benefits from those experiences as well.

Serving on a nonprofit board of directors will expand your skill set. Just by being involved, you’re sure to learn more about marketing, governance, finance, branding, recruiting volunteers, interacting with community officials and community members, and much more.

Employers will see and appreciate that you are willing to go the extra mile to make a personal investment in your community and in yourself without expecting to be paid.