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About DSSC & Our Mission


DSSC is committed to a higher level of soccer for our Community kids in and around Delaware. Our outstanding volunteer base, professional coaching and management continues to make the DSSC an outstanding program. 
We are dedicated to the teaching and advancing youth soccer in the central Ohio area.  DSSC is committed to the long-term development of its players by providing competitive opportunities at the appropriate levels, where hard work and commitment to team goals are rewarded. 

Travel Goals & Philosophy

DSSC goals are to develop its players’ work ethic and character, teach fundamental Soccer skills, and promote good sportsmanship. 

We provides players with an opportunity to develop in a competitive environment by providing a challenging, fun, athletic team atmosphere that provides lasting benefits to each player.
DSSC tries to balance winning and sportsmanship, exhibiting self-control and not putting too much emphasis on ‘winning-at-all-costs’.
Winning is an important part of the travel program; however, it's not the only important aspect. We understands that in certain situations coaches can and/or will create specialized lineups; however, we instructs coaches to attempt to place equal emphasis on developing all players in game and practice scenarios, the balance of competition, development and winning is the ultimate goal.
If you or your child seeks a program that focuses on winning at all costs over competitive individual and team development and if you seek an environment where players are hindered from developing in a competitive environment and there is no obligation to try to be fair in the overall game situations, then DSSC program may not be for you.  

League Play

League Play
DSSC teams normally play in MOSSL (Mid Ohio Select Soccer League) or in OCL (Ohio Champions League) The coaches are in charge of making their schedule.  This will include a 6-10 game season with two tournaments.   Tournaments are chosen but not limited to board decision.  
The exact number of league games will directly correspond to the number of teams registered in each division.  
Non-league Play and Competition
DSSC teams have the option to schedule as many non-league games (scrimmages) and tournaments as desired but that team is responsible to cover all cost.  


Select Parents

DSSC players and coaches should reflect themselves in a positive and responsible manner and act as ambassadors of DSSC, its sponsors and the sport. Players and parents are representatives of DSSC on and off the fields.  
On and off misconduct while participating in a DSSC event can be grounds for discipline. The DSSC Code of Conduct states ‘All players, coaches, parents, team and league representatives shall conduct themselves in a acceptable manner and shall be subject to disciplinary actions from their coaches or official representatives of DSSC during the Soccer Season.  

Tryout and Team Selection Guidelines

Travel Soccer views several considerations to determine team composition and player selection.
Soccer at this age and level focuses on learning, developing, being active, team camaraderie, and the challenge of competitive play. Additionally, travel soccer has two seasons of play, one in the fall and one in the spring.  As such, there are several factors and player traits a coach must consider when evaluating players in order to select a competitive-oriented Soccer team.
The objective in making player selections is to use several factors and player traits, including:
Self control and Energy level
Individual skill (transitions, ball handling, shooting, passing)
Game awareness
Team play
Positional play
Communication and listening skills
Ability to be coached

Team focused
High regard for sportsmanship
Maturity level
Respectful of teammates, coaches, officials and adults
Ability to handle adverse situations
Enjoyment of the game
Positive, results-oriented attitude
Response to positive reinforcement
Competitive in nature
Intensity level
Parental Goals and Objectives
Aligned with the philosophy of the DSSC program
DSSC will hold at least two try-out sessions. For every age group. Potential players must attend at least one session to be eligible for initial selection. It is highly recommended that all players attend all sessions to be evaluated properly. More sessions may be added later if needed.  


Parent Viewing
Our goal is to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible so the players have a positive experience. We will continue the policy implemented last season that does not allow parents to watch tryouts from inside the marked off areas of the field. 


Teams and Team Composition
DSSC rosters must have at least minimum players on the field. 7V7, 9V9 and 11V11 However, the final maximum number of players will be determined by the team's head coach.
The number of teams will be determined based on number of players trying out; we would like to offer the minimum of 1 team at each age group but we will not know the exact number until the tryouts. Teams placement start with placing kids on the 1stteam or top team and then work our way to the 2ndteam if the numbers and quality is there.  


'Play Up' Requests
Players who wish to ‘play up’ to a higher division of play must contact the DSSC Director prior to trying out.   
To provide an element of non-partial skill evaluation, compensated independent evaluators may be used to provide input and scoring during the try-out process.  

Evaluators will rate player skill and ability and make suggestions to the head coach for final team selections.

Every attempt will be made to notify all players of team selections within 24-48 hours of the final tryout. We no longer have to wait until Sunday to let kids know. The goal is to have ‘first picked’ players contacted within 24 hours of tryout.  The goal is to have all teams finalized within 72 hours of the final tryout date for that division.  After players have been notified and accepted, they will be sent an email of final acceptance. 



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  




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Email: [email protected]

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