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Code of Conduct

Delaware Soccer Association (DSA):

Code Of Conduct


Every DSA player, coach, team assistant, parent, guardian, spectator, trainer, referee, sub-contractor, employee, or Board member (hereinafter referred to as “participants”) who participate in any of the Delaware Soccer Association’s soccer programs are required to comply with the following Code Of Conduct:


1)     Soccer belongs to the players.  Participants must understand this must never place winning or their own personal desires above the safety, welfare, or good sportsmanship of all participants. Advantage shall never be sought by deliberately violating the rules of soccer nor by engaging in un-sportsmanlike behavior.  Coaches shall not tolerate un-sportsmanlike behavior by themselves, their players, their parents or any member or spectator of their own team toward opponents, officials, or spectators, regardless of the situation.  Coaches and parents have an obligation to and are required to teach and demonstrate good sportsmanship by both word and example.


2)     The rules of soccer are written to ensure a continuous flow of action, while protecting the safety of the players.  Coaches must be familiar with and abide by the rules of play for their league/age level and shall insure that players and parents also understand and adhere to both their letter and spirit.


3)     Players should treat the players on other teams in a friendly and courteous manner and in the same way they would like opposing players to treat them.  Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their team and supporters at the field.


4)     Coaches should be as “inconspicuous” as possible during the game (unless the rules of their age level suggest that they be on the field).  Instructions should be given during practice sessions.  During a game, instructions should be limited.


5)     Public or private criticism of officials by coaches, players or spectators is not permitted.  Coaches shall maintain a controlled, undemonstrative attitude toward officials.  VERBAL AND/OR PHYSICAL ABUSE OF REFEREES SHALL NOT BE TOLERATED.  DSA strives to foster good sportsmanship and a participant’s positive or negative example at games either greatly reinforces, or significantly undermines that effort.  “Be there, be positive, and be seated.”  Regardless of the skill level or success of a team or player, participants should be supportive. 


6)     Whenever possible, DRSC and DKSC teams will be single sex teams and players will be assigned to teams based on date-of-birth, and/or birth year, and/or school grade level. 


7)     To achieve real and perceived fairness, and to provide the best soccer experience for all children, all DRSC teams will be selected on a lottery basis, not by geography or social relationships.  DRSC Coaches are not permitted to recruit players for their team nor can parents request to be placed on specific DRSC teams.


8)     Whenever possible, DRSC players will remain on the team to which they were assigned in the fall for the spring season unless requested otherwise and approved by the DRSC Director. The player and/or parent cannot request to be moved to a specific team.  Transfer requests should be noted on the player’s registration form but will be considered only in extreme situations.


9)     Participants are responsible to the DSA Board for their conduct.


DSA is committed to upholding these standards and all age level rules.  Any participant who is alleged to have violated any DSA standard or rule will be given either a verbal or written warning by a designated member of the DSA Board Of Directors after the alleged violation has been investigated and the resolution communicated in writing to the offender.  If the individual refuses to comply with the terms of the resolution, he/she will be removed (immediately or thereafter) from their level of participation as deemed appropriate by the Board. 


If that same individual violates any DSA standard or rule for a second time, he/she will be deemed to be a repeat offender and the Board shall take appropriate measures up to and including termination of ANY participation in DSA programs either for the remainder of the season or for a stated number of years.  For example, if this individual is a DSA coach or assistant coach, he/she will not be permitted to coach and might even be prevented from being at the field where his/her team(s) or his/her child’s team(s) is playing or practicing.  If this individual is the parent of a child(ren) playing in the DSA soccer program, he/she might even be prevented from being at the field where his/her child’s team(s) is playing or practicing.  If this individual is a player, he/she might even be prevented from playing or practicing on any DSA team for the stated period of time. Written notices of termination shall be given to the participant by a designated member of the DSA Board Of Directors in a manner consistent with the complaint and grievance procedure outlined in the DSA Constitution and By-Laws.






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