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Oyster River Youth Association

ORYA Harassment Policy


The Oyster River Youth Association (ORYA) intends to provide a recreational environment in which all interpersonal relationships are based on respect and dignity.

Harassment means unwelcome advances or requests, and/or inappropriate verbal, written, or physical conduct that have the effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment that may interfere with an individual’s play or work. These events may or may not be of sexual nature.

This policy is directed to events that involve, and/or are perpetrated by any individual participating in ORYA activities including ORYA participants, parents, volunteers, employees, referees, officials, and in general anyone working for, on behalf or, or with the ORYA organization.

This policy is directed to events that take place during any ORYA sanctioned or sponsored activity, including but not limited to practices, games, fundraisers, and special events.

Harassment may include but is not limited to:

  • Public or private humiliation of a participant, coach, referee or official
  • Subtle pressure
  • Physical or verbal acts of aggression
  • Inappropriate touching or bodily contact
  • Demands accompanied by implied or overt threats
  • Demands accompanied by implied or over promises of preferential treatment
It is a violation of this policy for any ORYA volunteer, employee, or participant to harass another volunteer, employee, or participant through conduct or communication. ORYA will investigate all complaints of alleged harassment.

All reports of harassment will be considered significant and serious. Reports of complaints will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. In situations where it is determined that harassment has occurred there will be a commitment to correct the situation, discipline the offender, and protect others from further harassment or retaliation. The Board of Directors may find it necessary to take immediate action to protect all participants, volunteers, and employees pending completion of investigation. Submission of a complaint or report of alleged harassment or cooperation as a witness will not affect an individual’s participation in ORYA activities.

All individuals, volunteers and employees working for ORYA will respect the confidentiality of the complaints and of the individuals involved as much as consistent with their legal obligations, and with the necessity to investigate allegations and take disciplinary action.

Revised: Sept. 1, 2014

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