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BGCA Membership Handbook

Mission Statement:

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Our Purpose:
We are a community-based organization that provides young people with a fun, safe and constructive after-school environment.  We offer programs and services designed to build character and strengthen life skills. We offer programming in five core areas—education, character and leadership, health and life skills, sports, fitness and recreation, and cultural arts.

The Club is a safe place where young people can come and enjoy themselves and their friends. Club members have the opportunity to learn, give back to the community, discover their needs, set goals, and meet new friends. From simple games to leadership opportunities, we offer a wide range of activities. 

Membership is open to all school-age youth in grades 1-12. A membership form must be completed and signed by a parent/ guardian and child for each membership year (even if you are simply renewing your membership). The membership year runs from September 1 to August 31. Our membership fee is $25 per year and will not be pro-rated for partial year memberships. The $25 membership fee gives access to our after-school program during the school year.  Additional fees may be charged for our summer program, field trips, breakfast club, sports leagues, etc. Our goal is to keep our membership fee low so everyone can attend.

Orientations are required for all members and their parents/guardians. Please take advantage of the opportunity to see and hear what your Boys and Girls Club is all about and how you can give back to the Club to make it a better place for all of our kids. After the orientation you will be provided a membership application. The information you provide on the membership application is crucial. We ask every effort be made to provide correct and accurate contact information. It’s the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify us of any changes to your telephone numbers (home, work, emergency contacts, etc.) and address information as soon as such changes occur. We may ask for proof of school registration to ensure membership eligibility.

Membership in the Boys and Girls Club is a privilege, not a right. The Boys and Girls Club reserves the right to refuse membership to any child at any time, with or without cause.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to assure their child is capable of properly functioning in the Club’s interactive atmosphere. The Club is not suitable for all children. Parents must inform the Club of any special needs in regards to their child’s well-being. The Club reserves the right to remove a member if they are not able to function in the Club environment. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Participation in Club activities require members to attend at least three and a half hours on school days.

Membership Cards
ONE membership card is provided to each new member and renewing members once all application requirements have been met.  Members must bring their card to attend the Club. Club members are required to sign-in and out each day.  It is each member’s responsibility to have his/her card daily. If a member does not have his/her card, certain privileges to program offerings may be denied. Replacement cards can be purchased for $1 at the front desk. Members without cards will charge a $.50 day pass fee to their account.

Membership cards cannot be carried over into the next membership year.  Each membership year (Sept. 1– Aug. 31) a new card will be issued for each paid membership.

Open Door Policy
The Club has an open door policy.  Arrival and departure is a matter strictly between parent/guardian and child.  Staff does not grant permission to leave nor insist that children stay. It is the responsibility of the child AND parent/guardian to determine, understand, and enforces arrival and departure methods and communicates those to Club.

Please note youth are not allowed on the Club grounds during operating hours unless they are signed in and participating in Club activities. Members should NOT be dropped off prior to the opening of the facility as the Club cannot be held responsible for their supervision.

However, once a member leaves the premises or signs out for the day they are not allowed to return to the Club unless parental arrangements have been made with the Club Director. Members are encouraged to come to the Club daily and do not need to prearrange visits to the Club. However, participation in Club activities requires members to attend at least three and a half hours of school.

It is important to remember the Boys and Girls Club is NOT a daycare and is not governed by licensure as a childcare facility.

Pick-Up Policy
It is essential to our safety and supervision that all members remain in program areas at all times. Members are not allowed to wait for transportation in the front lobby or pick-up area.  Please park in the designated areas, check-in at the front desk and we will assist you in finding your child. Please be sure to pick-up your child by the posted closing times. A late fee of $1.00 per five minutes will be charged for members who remain at the Club after closing. If late pick-up is a frequent issue, your child’s membership may be cancelled.

Late fees must be paid by the completion of the program quarter for the member(s) to return. The Boys and Girls Club reserves the right to contact the appropriate authorities for assistance when members are not picked-up by a reasonable time and after all emergency contact alternatives have been exhausted.

Club Hours & Closures
After-School Hours

The Club is open for after-school programming from 2:30pm to 7:00pm, except for early release days the Club is open from 2:00pm – 7:00pm and Fridays the Club is closed at 6:00pm. 

Non-School Days

On days when school is not in session (i.e., School Holidays, Spring Break, Summer Vacation, etc.) the Club is open from 10:00am to 6:00pm. For an additional daily fee, members can attend our Breakfast Club from 7:00am to 10:00am, where members have the option of eating breakfast. Additional fees may apply for Summer Program.

Closure for Holidays

The Boys and Girls Club is closed on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, the day following Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Additionally, there may be days when it is necessary to close the Club due to unforeseen circumstances such as emergency repairs, severe weather, etc. Again, when such instances arise we will do our best to post this information so as to ease any inconvenience this may cause. The Club reserves the right to change its hours and days of operation based on need and/or economic circumstances. If such changes occur, parents/guardians will be notified in advance.

Please note the Club Calendar for other important dates

Inclement Weather Closures

Should the weather or other conditions be sufficiently severe as to require the closure during the school year we will follow the Greater Albany Public School closure announcements.   On non-school days, we will post on our website at and on our Facebook page.

Payment & Refund Policy
Payment for membership is due upon sign-up. Any previously owed balances must be paid before members are allowed to re-enroll. You will be notified of any outstanding balances on your child/s account. Outstanding balances may prohibit participation in further Club activities. All activity fees such as breakfast club, field trips and camps must be pre-paid. Refunds for field trips must be requested at least two days prior to the activity. All other activities will have posted refund information. The Club will maintain a credit account for any member who wishes to make up front payments. Parents can request a refund on unused program fees at any time. Refund checks will be processed at the end of each month and will be issued via check or returned to your credit card. Please fill out a form at the front desk for program fee refunds.

The Club accepts cash, checks and credit cards. A $5 fee will be added to your account for all returned checks. Any overdue accounts may result in suspension from Club activities.

Payment Plans

The Club offers payment plans for the annual membership cost. It the responsibility of the parent/guardian to set up a payment plan with the front office staff on how much and how often you would like to pay on your account. As a reminder, the membership cost MUST be paid in full before signing up for the following membership year.

Summer Program, Field Trips, Breakfast Clubs and other activities DO NOT qualify for payment plans

Professional Staff
The Boys and Girls Club strives to be the best youth development organization in Linn County. All staff members are background checked and trained in Youth Development Strategies prior to working with youth. Staff members are easily identifiable by Club uniform and red identification badge.

Code of Conduct
The Club’s core belief is to provide a safe place to learn and grow.  Positive attitudes keep the Club fun. Below are simple guidelines members are expected to follow…

• Respect Yourself

• Respect Others

• Respect Property

Please take the time to remind your child of the need to follow Club rules and directions at ALL times.

Discipline Policy
The Boys and Girls Club strives to keep the consequences for unacceptable behavior clear, appropriate and timely.  Safety of all members is of utmost importance to us. Our standards along with the expectation that all members use good common sense exist to ensure your child and every other child at the Club can safely enjoy the Club’s activities.  Any member who disrupts programs or creates a dangerous situation will be disciplined appropriately.  Members who do not follow rules can expect to lose privileges and face consequences.  First-time offenses are never excused as such and will be handled based on their severity.  Parents will be called to remove members who have failed to curb their disruptive behavior and/or are behaving in an aggressive or violent manner that creates a dangerous situation for themselves, fellow members, staff and/or visitors.

For minor infractions or any other action found inappropriate, the following disciplinary actions may include:

Verbal warning: Staff describes the inappropriate behavior and provides guidance to avoid reoccurrence.

Time-out: Member is placed away from the situation for a specific amount of time.

Redirection: Member is temporarily removed from the area where incident occurred to perform minor work patrol—sweeping, picking papers, etc.

Referral: A behavior contract is completed with staff and member. Member is restricted from the program area where the infraction occurred.

Suspension: A member is not allowed to return to the Club or participate in Club activities for time decided by the Club Director. A Club member who receives two referrals in one week will be suspended. Suspending members has its time and place and it is used only when other strategies have failed or the seriousness of the incident warrants the need to separate a member from the Club. Each situation will be assessed on an individual basis and acted on with an individualized plan or strategy. It is our policy to keep parents informed on their child’s progress and to notify them of misconduct so as to insure the Boys and Girls Club is a fun, safe place for members, staff and all others involved. Depending on the severity, a Program Director may call a parent/guardian to come and pick up their child immediately. A behavioral late fee will be charged for members who are not picked up within the hour.

Members are expected to respond to discipline without incident. Failure to do so will almost always increase any action taken in time or severity. Staff members are trained and fully expected, by policy, to maintain full control of any situation that occurs in their program area and will NOT tolerate anything that threatens control, in appearance and/or manner. Please understand there are multiple sides to every story. It is our intention to listen to every child’s perspective. Please call the Club if you have any questions at all concerning disciplinary measures or any other Club activity. Your support and involvement as parent/guardian is vital to our success as Youth Development Professionals.

Dress Code
Youth should dress comfortably and wear clothes that allow them to participate in typical Boys and Girls Club activities and programs. We will expect the following…

Footwear: Shoes must be worn at all times. Flip-flops, sandals, Heelys and other open-toed shoes are discouraged for safety reasons.

In the gymnasium, athletic shoes are required and Club members may not be allowed to participate in certain gym activities if open-toed or high heel shoes are worn. The best advice is to wear tennis/walking shoes daily.

Clothing: Hats are not allowed in Club facilities. Inappropriate clothing of any kind is NOT allowed in the Club. Members wearing clothes that are too short, too tight and/or too revealing in any way, clothes with questionable or distasteful advertising or clothes that show gang affiliation will be asked to change or leave immediately. This judgment is left solely to the discretion of the Club staff.

Personal Belongings
All personal belongings brought into the Club by a member are the responsibility of that member. The Boys and Girls Club is NOT responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Please discourage your child from bringing anything to the Club that is not completely necessary, such as balls, pool sticks and trading cards. Staff will confiscate any items that cause a distraction or hazard.

Electronic devices are NOT allowed at the Club, e.g. cell phones, MP3 players and hand-held games. Club Director will hold confiscated electronic items, which may only be retrieved by parents.  Teens may have electronics and outside devices at the discretion of Teen Director.

Necessary items, such as backpacks and jackets should be clearly marked with the member’s name. Items not collected from our lost-and-found in a timely fashion will be donated to a local charity.

Club staff should be appropriately notified regarding medication a child is taking. Upon receipt of the medication distribution form and instruction from the child’s parent/guardian, staff may dispense medication. Prescription medication must be in the original container with the prescription label on the container.

The Boys and Girls Club strives to maintain a safe and secure environment. There is an assumed risk in many of our core programs, including but not limited to sports. Please feel safe in knowing our trained staff is attentive to providing the safest environment possible. The completed membership application authorizes the Club staff to seek medical treatment for a member if necessary and any associated costs for such care are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. The Boys and Girls Club does NOT provide medical insurance for members. In the event of a serious injury, the staff will call 911 immediately and call the child’s parents/guardians or alternative emergency contacts. This is one more reason why updated contact information is of utmost importance and crucial to your child’s well-being.

Infestation or Contagious Conditions
Any and all suspected transferable infestations or transmittable contagious conditions will be addressed fully in the following manner and without exception.

1. Parents/guardians will be contacted for immediate removal of the member from Club facilities.

2. Proof of treatment from a health care facility AND approval from the Club Director is required before the child will be allowed back into the Club.

Health Considerations
If a member is ill, has a fever, or did not go to school due to any type of illness they must also stay home from the Club.  Parent/guardian will be contacted immediately to pick up the child if the child is suffering from any health issues. 

We ask members to keep food and drinks out of program areas and eat only during designated times and in designated areas. Members can bring their own snacks and drinks and have them during snack time. (Please note refrigerators and microwaves are NOT available.) Water fountains are available at the Club. Water bottles are strongly recommended during the summer months. We offer free snacks & dinner during the school months and breakfast, lunch, and a snack during our summer program (we are able to provide free lunch and snack to any child between the ages of 1 and 18). This all made possible through the Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) & USDA Summer Food Program. All food items must be consumed on program grounds. On non-school days we are unable to provide lunch. Parents/guardians must provide a lunch for their child.

Field Trips
The Boys and Girls Club provides a variety of opportunities for our members to participate in activities off Club property that support our core beliefs and programs. To attend each excursion, members must return signed permission slips and any necessary fees prior to leaving. Most sign-ups are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis (meaning eligible members who return the required permission slip & pay associated fees). As part of disciplinary consequences, members may be excluded from field trips. Please remember all of our Club rules extend to field trips. Members who fail to follow our rules and general Club expectations for appropriate behavior will prompt an immediate call to a parent/guardian to remove that member from the field trip at his/her own cost. A parent/guardian MUST be available by telephone at all times during any Club-sponsored field trips in the event the staff needs to contact him/her.

Kinder Park does not require permission slips as it is considered part of Club property. Please talk to our Program directors for any other questions.

We welcome volunteers at the Boys & Girls Club of Albany.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at [email protected] or call 541.926.6666.  All volunteers must pass a background check provided by the Club.  Volunteer orientation is required before placement of prospective volunteers.

The actual cost for our program per child is $600 per year.  Our goal is to keep our membership fee as low as possible so as to not exclude anyone based on economic circumstances.  If you would like to help by making a cash donation or in-kind donation to our kids, please see your Club Director.  All donations are tax-deductible. 


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Athletic Sponsorship/Donor Development
Carrie Harrington 541-926-6666 ext. 209

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