Every team manager is given the official Little League rule book for their program.  Consider it your baseball/softball rule 'bible'.

However, Little League allows the local league(s) to make rule adjustments for the benefit of play/players where it makes sense.  It may be the number of innings played, additional minimum playing time, at bats, etc.  Each division has it's own local season rules (agreed upon by the local league and any other local leagues it will play with).

Below are the local rules for each division.  If a topic is not covered by the local rules, then the requirements/rules listed in the official Little League Rule Book are to be used.  Managers of both teams are responsible for meeting with the Umpire-In-Chief (UIC) before the start of each game to discuss the rules and any questions thereof.  If a topic is not covered by either local rules or the Little League Rule Book, the umpire has the final say in his/her ruling(s).

T-Ball / Machine Pitch / Baseball:

T-Ball Rules (for Rookie and Intermediate Divisions)

Machine Pitch Rules

Minors Baseball Rules

Majors Baseball Rules

Juniors Baseball Rules

Softball Rules:

District 7 Softball Rules (applied to ALL softball divisions)

Ponytail Interleague Rules

Minors Softball Rules

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