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Selecting/Drafting Teams

In the Spring season, there will be many players.  Many of whom coaches have not even seen before!  That's why Calvert American Little League holds a player assessment day - so each coach can take a look at the skill level for every player that will be in that division.  Once assessments are complete, division drafts are held - the purpose of the draft is to keep the teams in a division as equal in skill level as possible.

At assessments, you will be given a form listing each player in the division.  You will assess each player on fielding, catching, throwing, batting, pitching, etc., and give a grade for each from 1 to 5 (5 being the best).  All coaches (managers and assistants) are invited to assess players, make notes, etc.  The assessment forms are turned into the division player agent at the end of assessments.   Write your name on the form - the team draft representative will receive their form back at the draft.

The division Player agent will enter and average the scores for all players so draft representative can see the scores and team averages during the draft.

Typically, drafts are held the week following assessments.  You will also receive your regular season practice date and field at the Draft!  Below is an overview of the actual  draft process.

"The Draft"

  • Again, the primary goal of the draft process is to have fair & balanced teams for games.
  • The draft and all activities with the draft are to be held in strict confidence.  No one that  participates in the Draft in any capacity shall disclose to any person the position that any player was drafted in. 
  • Only one team official (Manager or Coach) can attend the Draft.
  • Any active CALL Board Member may attend the Draft proceedings. Board members, other than the President and Player’s Agent, are there solely as observers and may not participate or advise.
  • Players are not allowed to attend the Draft!
General Draft Rules:

  • All players will be placed back in the draft each year, except for the the managers children (obviously assigned to the team)
  • The number of teams in each Division shall be decided on a year-to-year basis depending on the number of registered players from that age
  • The number of players on each team (Minors and up) should be limited to 11 or 12 based on registration in the league. This number is a guideline and can be adjusted prior to the Draft.
  • Siblings are guaranteed to play on same team within an age group, unless otherwise requested.
Draft - Preliminaries:

  • Prior to the start of the Draft, the Player’s Agent shall review with the coaches the approved Special Circumstances (e.g. siblings)
  • All players who attended the skills assessment (SA) are selected.
  • Those players not at SA are assessed a score based on knowledge of the player by the board and other coaches as possible  This will be completed at the conclusion of the evaluations at the evaluation site.  Any player not present that cannot be vouched for by a board member or coach will be placed into a blind draft the day of the draft and will be drafted after the drafting of rated players is complete.
  • Teams should avoid having more than 6 players of any one age
Draft -1st Round:

  • A Manager’s child will be automatically slotted into the team’s 1st Draft slot. If additional children of the Manager are to be selected, they will fill slots in their appropriate rounds based on their assessment score.
Draft - Drafting Rounds:

  • The team order of the Draft shall be determined by the tabulated score for each team after every round of the draft, with the lowest score drafting first and the highest score drafting last.  Ties are coin flips for first one and then alternate after that.
  • A Manager who selects one member of a family are not required to pick up the sibling in the next round, but should select the player at an appropriate round. The league will enforce siblings playing together and will step in if managers cannot work out an amiable agreement.
  • If no scoring is possible for specific players, then those players are blind hat picks after tabulated drafting is complete.
Draft - Trades:

  • Once all players have been drafted, the Player Agent will ask if there are any requests for trades.  These requests will be acted upon at that time by trading for an equal skill rating player such that all teams in the division are as close to an average score as possible (or in agreement between the Managers).
  • After the Draft is closed, all requests for trades will have to be submitted to the Player Agent in writing.  Both managers must sign the requests.  The Player Agent will submit the trade requests to the Board of Directors for consideration.
Post Draft:

  • All assessment forms are returned to the Player Agent and are kept until the start of the season.  The assessments are then destroyed.
  • Managers will be given their team rosters and contact information, and assigned a practice field/day.  Managers should start contacting players/parents on their team immediately.
  • After SA and the draft, the player agent will collect any late sign-ups and will assign players to teams based on assigned skill rating, team rating, team size, and/or draft order.  Managers will be notified of late players and will receive new rosters.
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