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Player Team Assignment

If you are a first time participant with Calvert American Little League, you may be wondering, "How do I know what team my player will be on?".

There are two answers, based on the season:

For Fall season:

Players are placed on teams based on coach discussions of previous player performance. There is no draft in the Fall, but forming closely matched teams in skills is a priority. After you register your player, you'll receive an email from the manager of the team he/she is placed on (the email will come about a week before Fall games begin). Simple as that. Feel free to read down further in the page under the Questions section.

For Spring season:

This is where we have the most players (and a lot of new ones, at that!)-- we want to make sure the teams in a division are fairly well balanced. The short answer is that a draft process is used to keep the skill level equal. To give all coaches a chance to see the talent that's available, we require ALL players to attend Player Evaluations (except T-Ball and Challengers; those players will be directly notified by their manager).

Player Evaluation is where each players' skills are assessed (by multiple coaches in the division). Fielding, catching, throwing, running, batting and pitching drills are given to each player and a score for each is recorded. Players are also asked about what positions they have played and may be given some additional drills based on that. Evaluations are not intended to be instruction time (but some guidance may be given for completely new players)-- the goal is to see each player and their existing skill level.

Players should have fun at evaluations-- it's not a test. Don't worry if he or she missed fielding balls or didn't hit every ball at bat-- the coaches can see if your player has good form in the drills and make an assessment.

After player evaluations, the Player Agent will collect all of the assessment forms and enter the scores into a spreadsheet for the draft (which occurs in the week following assessments). The combined spreadsheet will be used during the drafting process by the coaches to equalize the skill talent on the teams. The drafting process is held in strict confidentiality and the assessment forms are destroyed afterward.

After the draft is complete, managers will start contacting players/parents immediately. Most will send an introductory email asking you to acknowledge that you've gotten it, and it will likely include your first practice date and other information. If the manager/coach doesn't hear back from you within a day or two they will start calling to get in contact.

Frequent Questions:

Why don't T-Ball or Challengers players attend Player Evaluations?
T-Ball players are typically first or second year players so there aren't a lot of differences in skills. Challengers players all play together on one or two teams and there is not a need for assessments.

What if my player can't attend Evaluations (Spring)?
Don't worry; they will still be assigned to a team. But you should make every effort to have them attend, even if at a different time. If we don't collect assessments from a player then usually a previous coach is contacted to give an evaluation. Otherwise, if an assessment for a player who did not attend draft cannot be obtained they will be placed in a hat and there will be a blind draft after all other players are drafted.

I want my player to play for Coach XXXXXXXXXX.
The only circumstance where a player is guaranteed to play for a specific coach is when they are the son/daughter of the manager. Sometimes in the new season your player may not be in the same division that the coach will be in. You can communicate your wish to the coach during the off-season, but remember that we use a process to keep the teams evenly skilled, so there may be some trades between teams during the draft to keep them balanced.

I would like to see if my player can 'play up/down' a division.
We all think our players are rock stars! And a couple of them are. In reality, we already have great flexibility to move players between divisions based on coaching evaluation, so there really isn't a need to make a request. In fact, for the Little League division (league ages 9 - 12 in baseball), we have the opportunity to move players up or down as needed. In other divisions, there may be strict age limitations why we can't move a player, or even eligibility reasons to be selected to an an All-Stars team. Don't worry, coaches and Player Agents will make sure your player is in the correct division for their skill.

I want to move my player to a different team so he/she can play with XXXXXXXXXX. Can I?
In short, no. You've probably read above about how teams are kept equal, and we know there are a lot of different coaching styles. But once the draft has happened and managers start contacting teams we can't simply shuffle players around. Uniforms have been ordered, maybe a practice or two have already happened, etc. You should work with your coach and/or division Player Agent to work through the issues. Better yet, become a Coach or Volunteer to help with the League!

I signed my player up late. What happens?
If there were still player spots available, the Player Agent will work with team managers to place your player and you will be contacted by either the Player Agent or the team manager where your player has been assigned.

We haven't heard from a coach yet!
In the Spring, you will likely be notified by the manager/coach in the week following Player Evaluations and the Draft. Give it a week-and-a-half after evaluations, and then contact us and we can help. Typically the coaches will give a call to the phone numbers you used in registration, so always make sure they are correct! In the Fall, you'll hear from the coach approximately one week before the season begins (the week after school starts for the year).

After Teams are announced but my child no longer wants to play?
Once uniforms are ordered we can no longer issue refunds. Uniforms are ordered approximately a week after the last draft.

Have a question not answered above?
Send us an email!

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