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Spring 2020 Field schedule

Spring Rec Baseball:

For Spring 2020:

- Registration starts January 1.
- Meetings start January 13 at 7pm in the FLES Activity Room.  Everyone who wants to manage or coach MUST attend!
- We are looking for Age Group Directors, managers and coaches for ages 5-6 through 13-15.
- Practice starts around April 1, games begin on Opening Day - April 18 - and run through June.
- Travel players will no longer be allowed to play Rec Baseball.
- Watch for new days and times for Rec Baseball games this year.

2020 Age Group Directors:
7-8: Mike Kowatch
11-12: Jared Varally
13-15: Glenn Weaver
15-20: Brian Arnett

2020 Manager Pool:
7-8: Brian Porter
11-12: Jared Varally, Chuck Schillaci
13-15: Jeff Lewis

Did you know....

When installing bases on a 90' baseball diamond, the distance from the back of home plate to the back outside corner of 1st or 3rd base is naturally, 90 feet.   As the bases are 15″ square and home plate extends 12″ up the line, the actual distance BETWEEN the bases is 87′8″. In order to maintain this same distance between 1st and 2nd and 2nd and 3rd, second base is actually pushed slightly out toward center field and does not line up with first or third.

That's why 2nd base is measured 127' 3 3/8" from the back of home plate to to the center of the base.

diamond layout.pdf


Spring 2020 In-house Playing Schedule:

5-6: Fridays from 6 to 7:30 beginning April 10 through June 20 (Pizza Party).
7-8: Wednesday and Friday and Saturday June 20 (Pizza Party).
9-10: Monday and Wednesday.
11-12: Tuesday and Thursday.
13-15: Sunday or Monday and Wednesday.


 January 1, 2020
 Baseball Registration begins

 Mon Jan 13
First Baseball meeting at 7pm in Forest Lakes E.S.

Mon Feb 10
 Baseball meeting at 7pm in Forest Lakes E.S.

 Mon Mar 9
 Baseball meeting at 7pm in Forest Lakes E.S.

 Fri Apr 17
 Complex Prep Day for Opening Day

 Sat Apr 18
 Opening Day

 Sat May 23
 No games - Memorial Day weekend

 Sat June 27
 Last possible day for Baseball
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