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Last update: February 13, 2023

Scholarship Application and Process

Forest Hill Rec Council offers (4) $1000 college scholarships each year to qualified applicants.   The scholarships are awarded to young men and women who have participated in FHRC programs.

Applications must be emailed to the FHRC President no later than March 20th of the current year.  The President will present the applications to the board of directors at the March meeting and the BOD will vote upon who to award the scholarships to.   The chosen recipients will be notified by the Rec Council President.  Scholarships will be presented to each recipient at the FHRC baseball opening day ceremonies which take place mid-April.  Recipients not able to attend can request the scholarship be mailed to them.

Applicants must submit written responses to these  questions in short essay form.   The responses should be completed on the attached pages with he questions and sent as a PDF file.   Completed applications should be emailed to [email protected].  Please include your full name, current mailing address, email address and phone number on the top of the Application.

If you have any questions about the scholarship process, please contact Marty Strunkstein (FHRC President) at [email protected] or by phone at 443-903-4197.

2019-2020... Natalie Jacobs, Caroline King, Alyssa Santoro, Daniel Van Syckle, Jake Wissert, Matthew King (Connor McKeown scholarship)
2018-2019... Gavin Jagde, Rachel Long, Jack Van Syckle (Connor McKeown scholarship)
2017-2018...Tiffany Gertz, Hillary Griffin, Tyra Lindblad, Lauren Pfeiffer, Jarrett Schneider, Jessie Brennen (Connor McKeown scholarship)
2016-2017...Kira Cantler, Peter Ferrara, Nick Rynes, Zachary Schubert, Brandon Warren, Emma Hanher (Connor McKeown scholarship)
2015-2016...Jason Dinsmore, Eric Jagde, Andrew Klapka, Logan Reitz, Kathryn Thompson, Kyle Hamrick (Connor McKeown scholarship)
2014-2015...Savanna Barnes, Steven Gercken, Haley Jacobs, Justin Nengel, Kyle Warren, Calvin Fleagle (Connor McKeown scholarship)
2013-2014...Tyler Abbott, Andy Benjes, Tyler Norcross, Ryan Warren, Alexandra Zorbach, Austin Reitz (Connor McKeown scholarship)
2012-2013...Jimmy Hock III, Emily Rosenberger, Ryan Stinar, Elizabeth Thompson, Samantha Lou Williams, Daniel Shifflett (Connor McKeown scholarship)
2011-2012...Christine Feinour, Alexandra Jacobs, Jennifer Malkus, Jessica McClaskey, Kathryn Merrick, Andrew Smith
2010-2011...Spencer Brennan, Erica Fallano, Emily Krause, Nicole McClaskey, Joe Shifflett
2009-2010...Laura Brond, Stephen Haley, Ashley Kuessner, Katie Plantholt, Kyle Schiller
2008-2009...Lindsay Howard, Sarah Krause, Alana Shinsky, John Smith, Nick Tomechko
2007-2008...Matt Ebner, Dan Cole, Jackie Cummings, Hollin Roberts, Mike Thomas
2006-2007...Mike Loiacomo, Grant Morlock, Jim Plantholt, Rebecca Roehmer
2005-2006..Jillian Roberts, George Rau III, Ryan Ebner, Erin Chojnack, Kaitlin Doody
2004-2005...Stephanie Schultz, Andrea Shiah
2003-2004..Scott Rytter
2002-2003...Zach Keesecker
2001-2002..Mark DiNunno
2000-2001...Adam Hawkey
1999-2000...J. D. Bonsell
1998-1999...Bobby Lee
1997-1998...Matt Gradishar
1996-1997...Bill Kelly
1995-1996...Jeff Tracey
1994-1995...Scott Kalista
2012-2013...Forest Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry ($5,000)
and Connor McKeown's parents, friends & coaches ($1,000)
2011-2012...Forest Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry ($5,000)
2010-2011...Forest Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry ($5,000)
2009-2010...Dr. & Mrs. Charles Ebner ($5,000)
2008-2009...Forest Hill Recreation Council ($5,000)
2007-2008...Forest Hill Recreation Council ($5,000)
2006-2007...Forest Hill Recreation Council ($4,000)
2005-2006...Forest Hill Recreation Council ($5,000)
2004-2005...Forest Hill Recreation Council ($5,000)
2003-2004...Forest Hill Recreation Council ($5,000)
2002-2003...Forest Hill Recreation Council ($5,000)
2001-2002...FHRC's Baseball Program ($1,500)
2000-2001...The Building Congress & Exchange ($1,500)
1999-2000...The Building Congress & Exchange ($1,500)
1998-1999...Redland Genstar Inc. ($1,500)
1997-1998...Redland Genstar Inc. ($1,500)
1996-1997...Oak Contracting Corporation ($1,500)
1995-1996...Oak Contracting Corporation ($1,500)
1994-1995...FHRC's 16-18 Baseball Program ($1,500)


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