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2021 General Information

5-6 Age Group (Clinic for Ages 4¾ through 6)

This division is for children who are 5 to 6 years old.  Children must be 5 years of age by July 31 and must not turn 7 years old before April 30.

The 5-6 Age Group plays on Friday evenings in a series of stations that begins to teach the players the fundamentals of baseball. As the season progresses and the players learn the basic skills, more advanced stations are added, and by the end of the season, teams are playing mini-games against one another to reinforce the skills they have worked on all season.

Regular season practices for 5-6 Baseball will begin on the second Friday of April at 6pm.  Please arrive by 5:45. 

5-6 Baseball will conclude with games on Saturday in mid-June at 10am followed by a pizza party and trophy distribution at 11:30 at the pavilion.

This age group is recommended for children just being introduced to the game. A T-shirt and hat is provided.   Baseball pants, sneakers or plastic/rubber spikes should be worn.   Shorts can be worn when it's hot.

All players need a baseball glove that fits properly and is soft enough for the player to squeeze shut.  (There are a lot of glove-softening products.  (We recommend Hot Glove treatment.)

Players also may want to bring a water bottle when it's hot. Everything else is provided, but they are welcome to bring their favorite bat, batting gloves, helmet, etc. Please make sure your child’s name on on everything he owns. We always collect a lot of gloves after each practice with no names on them!

MOST IMPORTANT:  5-6 Baseball is a learning experience for players, coaches AND PARENTS!  PLEASE, PLEASE come to 5-6 Baseball on time and be prepared to be on the field for an hour and a half with your child helping him with skills that the coaches are teaching.  He wants you there, he needs you there.  Set aside 90 minutes each Friday evening for your child so that he has fun learning the fundamentals of baseball.   One team manager cannot teach baseball to ten 5 year-olds.  In order to keep your son safe and engaged, he needs you on the field with him.

2021 Manager Information

5-6: AGD’s - Vien Nguyen, [email protected], 443-640-7050,
                     Bobby Neukum, [email protected], 443-248-8088

  • Royal Blue: Vin Nguyen, [email protected], 443-640-7050

  • Navy Blue: Skip Davis, [email protected], 410-937-6399

  • White: Tony Kontogeorgos, [email protected], 443-370-5518

  • Orange: John Butler, [email protected], 703-402-3164

  • Black: Bobby Neukum, n[email protected], 443-248-8088

  • Green: Chris Parkinson, [email protected], 443-528-5244

  • Red: Gregg Murray/James Bednar, [email protected], 443-866-9501, [email protected], 443-876-1399

  • Maroon: Jeff Wrona, [email protected], 443-608-9530

2022 Weekly Schedules

Key dates you need to keep in mind:

>Mar 26 at noon: 5-6 uniform distribution and "meet the Coach".
>April 8 - First day of 5-6 Baseball
>April 23 - Opening Day at 10am in the outfield of Field 4.
>June 18 - Last day of 5-6 baseball - Giant pizza party and trophy distribution

Prior to the uniform handout, managers and players have to be assigned to teams and given their color of the t-shirt they get. We try to form the teams by address or by school so the kids have a better chance of knowing other kids on their team.

5-6 baseball/softball is played on Friday evenings from April 8 through June 18, 2022 starting at 6pm on the Field 1.   We usually have about 8 teams of boys. We like to keep the teams as small as possible, aiming for a maximum of 10 kids per team.

Opening Day (April 23 this year) and June 18 are exceptions to the Friday evening 5-6 schedule when the 5-6 players have their practice at the main Complex. 

The 5-6 baseball program provides a t-shirt and hat, but the kids do need baseball gloves, sneakers or spikes.  Baseball pants are optional, and most kids wear shorts when it’s hot.  For all baseball age groups, a protective cup is required for catchers and pitchers, and recommended for all other positions.  All other equipment is supplied. Normally, we supply helmets, but because of COVID precautions, we suggest you purchase a helmet for your child.

The Forest Hill 5-6 Baseball Program is a little different than most other “T-Ball” programs in the area.  At this age, we stress the fun instruction of solid fundamentals as the backbone of a good baseball/softball program.  Repetition of solid fundamentals taught in a fun way makes our program a success. 

5-6 baseball consists of about 8 different teams of about 8 kids each.  Each team wears a unique colored t-shirt.  We have 8 separate stations that the teams rotates through while learning fundamental skills and then they reinforce those skills through repetitive drills and plays.  Stations last 15 or 20 minutes each, with 5 minutes in between to get to the next station.  A whistle blows to signal an immediate station change.  We have a megaphone that you can use for signaling and announcements.  The teams rotate clockwise around the field to the next station.  Stations include pitching, catching, fielding, ground balls, fly balls, base-running, sliding, several stations of batting off the tee, fundamental baseball rules, etc.  Later on in the season as the kids master some of the more fundamental skills, we convert those stations into game scenarios where the players use their new skills to play mini-games against other teams.   The season ends with a pizza party and a trophy presentation in late June.

Let’s plan on doing fundamental stations through May 13, depending on rainouts, then we’ll start playing mini-games through June 18.

We try to select teams using requests from parents to "play with his friend", we also try to group kids with other kids that live on the same street or go to the same school.  It's a lot more fun for kids when they have friends on their team.

With about 75 players, plus their parents, siblings, and other family members, Fridays will have the potential to be chaos, but through proper organization, the 5-6 Baseball Program is run with military precision.

Preparation for the Friday sessions actually begins with the 5-6 Age Group Director and Assistants marking the field with paint and maybe cutting mini-baseball diamonds in the outfield.  We have a lawn tractor and paint.   Then, at 5:30 Friday morning, the 5-6 station coaches meet and set up the equipment for the stations and then wait for the groups 5 and 6 year-olds to descend upon them.

Obviously, a large program full of 5 and 6 year-olds needs many volunteers to keep the kids safe, attentive, and learning.  We need team-managers and assistants that we call color-coaches. 

We have found that both moms and dads make great “managers”.   No slight against dads, but moms seem to have much more patience with the groups of small kids, and have a good ability to “herd cats.”  Baseball knowledge and skill is not required to be a color coach, and while it is a desirable quality to have, it is definitely not necessary.  The duties of the color-coaches are to assemble the team at a pre-determined meeting place, take roll, apply name tags, lead the kids through stretching exercises, make announcements, coordinate the team,  lead the team to the various stations and assist the station coaches with the stations.

We also need all parents to help with the teams during the sessions.  We need dads and moms to shag fly balls, roll grounders, help with batting tees, and generally keep the kids organized and safe.  If you want your child to get the most out of 5-6 baseball, you need to set aside 90 minutes of your time to be there with him and play baseball.

It takes at least 60 volunteers each week to put on a successful program.  When we don't have those volunteers, the program suffers, as a limited number of people can not teach baseball to a bunch of 5 year-olds, keep them interested, and safe at the same time.  There is too much energy packed into these kids on a Friday evening.

We always need lots of coaches to help with the kids that sign up. We would like to have 90-100 coaches/parents helping out each week through the season:

1 manager for each color team ----------------- 8
1 assistant for each color team ----------------- 8
2-3 coaches that teach each station -------------- 24
Parents to help their kid with each station ------------ 80

The typical 5-6 baseball duties for the weekend are:

Thursday or Friday - cut the grass and mark the field with lines for mini-diamonds, places to roll ground balls, etc.  We have a tractor and paint. Let me know where you want the grass cut.

4:30 to 5:30 - You arrive at Forest Lakes and install the "Station Number" signs in the proper locations around the field.  Equipment will be set out near the Concession stand/restrooms so when the station coaches arrive, they can grab their equipment and head toward their assigned station to set it up.

5:30 to 5:45 - the kids and coaches start arriving.  Color coaches should have assigned meeting-places so their kids know where to meet each week.  Color coaches take roll, put name tags on all the kids, do some team-specific announcements and get the kids ready for warm-ups.

6:00 - Welcome everyone to another fun day of baseball "Who wants to play baseball?  I can't hear you!!!"  Remember they are 5-6 and it's early and you have to get them motivated!  Do some announcements and have the color coaches get the kids into a formation where they can do some stretching and warm-up exercises.

6:05 - Whistle blows and teams move to their first station.  You will probably have to tell the color coaches which stations they are scheduled for each week so they know where to go when the whistle blows.

6:25 - Whistle blows and kids rotate clockwise to next station

6:45 - Whistle blows and kids rotate clockwise to next station

7:05 - Whistle blows and kids rotate to final station for the day

7:25 - Whistle blows, make final announcements,

7:30 - Teams dismissed

  1. Final Day – Saturday June 18

    1. Have your normal practice starting at 10:00 and ending at 11:30 sharp so the kids can eat pizza and get trophies. I will see if we can get teams on real diamonds on June 12.

    2. Figure 2 pizzas per team plus more if siblings and parents want to have some. Pizza is for players and coaches. If parents and siblings want to participate, get a count up front and charge $1 per person. Teams should bring team drinks, desserts, sides. plates and napkins and pizza provided by the league.


For 2022, 5-6 Baseball meets on Friday evenings from April 8 through June 18 except for April 22

(Opening Day Prep Day) and Friday June 17,
where instead, we will meet on Saturday April 23 and Saturday

June 18 at 10am.

Friday April 8
6pm Click for Schedule
Friday  April 16 6pm Click for Schedule
Saturday April 23 10am Click for Schedule
Friday April 29
6pm Click for Schedule
Friday May 6
6pm Click for Schedule
Friday May 13 6pm Click for Schedule
Friday May 20 6pm Click for Schedule
Friday May 27 6pm Click for Schedule
Friday June 3
6pm Click for Schedule
Friday June 10 6pm Click for Schedule
 Saturday June 1810am  Click for Schedule

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