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 Seasons: Spring (March-May) and Fall (August-October) - you must register for each season separately.

 To register click the Register or My Account Link at the top of the page

What are the per-player fees and how do I submit them?
Pay online with credit card. Regular Registration Fees are 

   $85 for Under 8 through Under 19

   $60 for Under 6  

Registration Schedule:

U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U19: On-time registration deadline for Spring 2024 Season is Saturday February 10. 

Late registrations will be accepted February 11-25 and will incur a $15 late fee.
Late registrations will be accepted based on team & space availability and will be placed on whichever team (in the player's age bracket) has the fewest number of players.

What is required to Register your child? 

1.   Submission of the online registration form.

2.   Credit card for payment of the registration fee

3.   Coach Registration form - If you are interested in coaching your child's team you are required to submit a coaching form for each child you would like to coach. 

Please ensure your cell number is included in your profile, so you can receive club announcements, including weather related game information, team assignment and schedules.

How do I determine in which age division my child will play?

In a nutshell:

  • U06 covers 2018, 2019, & January - June 2020 (no exceptions).
  • Kindergarteners born in 2017 must play U08.
  • Kindergarteners born in 2018 can choose either U06 or U08.
  • U08 covers 1st graders (2016 & 2017).
  • We encourage 2nd graders born in 2016 to play up to U10.
  • U10 covers 3rd graders (2014 & 2015).
  • We encourage 4th graders born in 2014 to play up to U12.
  • We encourage 6th graders born in 2012 to play up to U14.
  • U14 covers 3 years (6th-8th).  We encourage 8th graders born in 2009 to stay down in U14, unless they have a sibling in U19.
  • U14 & U19 are coed.  All other age groups are split between boys & girls.
  • When in doubt, look at the names of the divisions - e.g., "U10 Boys (2nd-3rd)"
  • If you're still having trouble deciding, talk to your friends or reach out to your subgroup rep.

If you have an advanced player who you'd like to play higher than their birth year (for instance a 3rd grader playing U12), please email [email protected] or [email protected] and we'll put them in the appropriate age group to match their skill level.


Who do I contact if I have registration questions?

Please contact your sub-group representative first. If you have further questions, please reach out to the registrar. 


What do you do with the information you collect?

We use the information to register players with the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association (KYSA). We also use the information to help us form appropriate teams and to stay in contact with parents.


What do fees cover?

Player fees cover essentially all of the Club's operational and capital costs, including player registration with KYSA; scheduling and paying referees for games; field rental and maintenance; replacing goals, nets, corner flags, game balls; and reimbursing referee certification and coach education costs.

Please review the Team Formation Guidelines before completing the online registration form.

Field Status

Open Open

Ft. Thomas Tower Park Fields 1 and 2 (12:37 PM | 05/10/24)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 1 (12:43 PM | 06/06/24)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 2 (12:43 PM | 06/06/24)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 3 (12:43 PM | 06/06/24)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 5 (12:43 PM | 06/06/24)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 8 (12:43 PM | 06/06/24)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 9 (12:43 PM | 06/06/24)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 10 (12:43 PM | 06/06/24)

Closed Closed

Pendery Park - All U6 Fields  (09:48 AM | 05/04/24)

Open Open

Main Street Church #3 (U08 & U10) (02:06 PM | 05/06/24)

Closed Closed

Main Street Church #4 (U12) (12:17 PM | 04/19/24)