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Cancellations & Reschedules


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The steps to follow for cancelling and rescheduling games include:


1.  To cancel a game please fill out the below Google form. For Saturday games the match must be cancelled by Tuesday @ 5:00 PM. Late cancellations require the cancelling team to pay ref fees for both teams. Try to play your game as scheduled.  You can borrow players from the opposing team, any other CCYSL team in your division, or one age group lower.  Girls can play in a boys' game; boys cannot play in a girls' game (KYSA rules).  If you must cancel, the link to the Cancellation & Reschedule form is below:

Cancel / Reschedule link  


2.  Contact opposing coach to notify of cancellation and check for available dates & times for reschedule. Opposing team must be notified by Tuesday @ 5:00 PM for Saturday games.


3.  Confirm field availability with the following spreadsheet:

Field Availability link  


4.  Enter requested date & time in Reschedule form above. Please make sure both coaches agree on the date and time before filling out the form.


5.  Await confirmation from Referee Assignor. 


6. Notify opposing coach of confirmed reschedule date and time.
After you receive a confirmation from the Referee Assignor, please make sure both coaches know about the reschedule game.

DO NOT EMAIL the Referee Assignor for a request.  The Google Form will put a line in the Requests tab on the Field Availability spreadsheet.  Your email will not do that.
EXCEPTION: If you see another game time on the same day that works better for you, AND it's still scheduled that way in Game Officials (hasn't been moved yet), AND ALL 4 COACHES AGREE TO THE SWAP, just send an email to the Referee Assignor, CC the other coaches, and we'll swap the games in Game Officials for you.


Non-weather related game cancellations must be made by 5:00 PM on the Tuesday before the scheduled Saturday game.

Late cancellations will result in the Cancelling Team having to pay the Referee Fees for both teams. 

Field Status

Closed Closed

Ft. Thomas Tower Park Fields 1 and 2 (05:33 PM | 10/14/22)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 1 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 2 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 8 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 9 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 10 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park - All U6 Fields  (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)