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If you are interested in becoming a Soccer Official (Referee / Assistant Referee), please contact our Referee Scheduler, Brian Wilson, at [email protected]
or Mark Baker, our Head Referee, at [email protected]. Both can answer the questions you may have.

USSF Referee Certification Courses 

    Referee Assignor
    Brian Wilson 
    [email protected]  
    Head Referee
    Mark Baker
    [email protected]  

The CCYSL Referee Scheduler is certified Assignor by United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and authorized by the Kentucky Soccer Referee Association (KSRA) to assign referees for Recreational and Select games sanctioned by USSF member organizations. As a Club, we require our Coaches, Parents and Players to respect the authority of the Referees on the field. In addition to the Referee Scheduler, the Club has a designated Head Referee who serves as an advocate and mentor for our referees.

Becoming a Certified Referee To referee games for the Club, you must be a USSF certified referee. Once certified, annual recertification is required to keep your license active. The Kentucky State Referee Association website provides additional information on referee certification (

Getting on the Referee List Our Referee Assignor maintains a list of Referees interested in officiating games for our Club. If you would like to be added to the Club's list of Referees, you will need to register in Referee Assignments. The Referee Assignor schedules and assigns all referees for games on CCYSL fields. is used by an Assignor to manage the referee assignment process.  After you have an account in GameOfficials you can add yourself to our Group/List.   Instructions: How To Join Our Group

Referee Availability
 Each week Referees indicate their availability to referee games by updating their availability in The availability for weekend games needs to be updated by Monday at 5 pm before the weekend games to be played on Saturday, or Sunday and updating their weekday availability by Thursday at 5 pm for games to be played the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Assigning Referees The Referee Assignor assigns games based on their level of certification, experience, and feedback received on their performance. Each week the Referee Assignor works through a host of variables on game times, locations, age, gender, level of competition and assigns referees based on Club needs and referee availability. Individual game assignments will be emailed weekly and will need to be accepted or declined within the given time period.

"Team No Shows" Referees get paid when One or Both teams are a "No Show". To get paid, the Center Referee must  Send email to 
CCYSL Referee Assignor, Brian Wilson, [email protected]  
The Referee Assignor will ensure Referees get paid for Teams that did not show up for a game. 

Serious Injuries and Coach or Player Ejections  Referees must report if you eject a coach or player from a game or if there is a serious injury during a game. The Referee is responsible for reporting this within 48 hours. Send email to  CCYSL Referee Assignor, Brian Wilson, [email protected]  

Feedback On Referees
 Coaches and Referees are encouraged to provide feedback to the Club to help us help our Referees improve or simply to call out a job well done. Send email with feedback to the Referee Scheduler and the Head Referee. Include the date and time of the game, the field number, and the teams involved so that we can match the games with the referees.

Referee Fees, Bonus, and Reimbursements (last updated 8/13/22)

Referee Fees (Campbell County Youth Recreation League)

Group Center AR Total Fees From Teams
U8 $40 None $40 (Coaches bring enough to pay a single Center Referee)
U8 $20(+20) $10(+5) $40 (On game day, Center gets $20 and AR gets $10; After the season, Center gets an additional $20 and AR gets $5 by check)
U10 $46  None $46 (Coaches bring enough to pay a single Center Referee)
U10 $22(+24) $12(+8) $46 (On game day, Center gets $22 and AR gets $12; After the season, Center gets an additional $24 and AR gets $8 by check)
U12 $50 $30 $110   (was $40/$30 Fall 2021)
U14 $56 $35 $126   (was $46/$35 Fall 2021)

U8 and U10 Pay Differential
U8 Center is guaranteed $40. U10 Center is guaranteed $46.
U8 AR is guaranteed $15. U10 AR is guaranteed $20.
When a three person crew does a U8 or U10 game, on field pay to the Center is $20 for U8 and $22 for U10.
The difference of $20 per U8 game and $24 per U10 game is paid to Center by check after the season when Bonus checks are issued.
The difference of $5 per U8 game and $8 per U10 game is paid to AR by check after the season when Bonus checks are issued.

Referee Bonus and Reimbursements

Bonus per Season

$5 per game bonus if work at least 10 CCYSL games. Maximum bonus based on 20 games.
$50 for 10 games, up to $100 for 20 games.

Annual Reimbursements
Reimburse up to $100 to cover annual USSF Recertification fee and Background check fee.
Must work at least 15 CCYSL games in a one year period to be eligible for this reimbursement.

Referee Scheduler Contact Information 
Referee Assignor:  Brian Wilson
Referee Assignor Email: [email protected]
Referee Assignor Phone:  859-802-7188

Field Status

Closed Closed

Ft. Thomas Tower Park Fields 1 and 2 (05:33 PM | 10/14/22)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 1 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 2 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 8 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 9 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 10 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park - All U6 Fields  (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)