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Schedules for Under 8 - Under 19 (U08-U19) Spring 2023

PDF published at the beginning of the season (including coach contact info): ccysl-schedule-u08-u19-spring-2023.pdf
Official up-to-date schedule (including rescheduled games):
Game Officials (click your team number)

The season for U08-U19 starts Saturday March 18th. All teams are scheduled to play 8 games. Most games are on Saturday.
Please make sure you check all (9) schedule pages to find the (8) games your team will play.  You can search the PDF for your team number.  This season, we don't have Tower Park on March 18th or 25th, so there are additional teams with a bye.

At Pendery Park, Fields 1-4 are on the right, before the railroad tracks.  Fields 8-10 are on the left, beyond the railroad tracks and the parking lot (closest to the Ohio River).  There is additional parking on the right, just beyond the railroad tracks, as well as near the baseball fields.

Schedules for Under 6 (U06) Spring 2023

Boys play at 1:30pm: u6_boys_spring_2023_allmatches.pdf
Girls play at 3:15pm: u6_girls_spring_2023_allmatches.pdf

The season for U06 starts Sunday March 19th.  All U06 games are played on Sundays only at Pendery Park, Fields 1-4 on the right BEFORE crossing the railroad tracks.  There are no U06 activities on Easter Sunday, April 9th. 

Field Status

Closed Closed

Ft. Thomas Tower Park Fields 1 and 2 (05:33 PM | 10/14/22)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 1 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 2 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 8 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 9 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park Field 10 (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)

Open Open

Pendery Park - All U6 Fields  (11:04 AM | 03/22/23)