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Smithsburg Youth Athletics, Inc. By-Laws Amended December 2011

Article I - Name

The association is a non-profit and non-political organization, which shall be known as the Smithsburg Youth Athletic (SYA), Inc.

Article II - Purpose 

The purpose of SYA is to provide youth sports for the community. This includes the promotion of the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority so that the youth may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children, who will mature into decent, healthy and trustworthy adults. To achieve the purpose, SYA will provide a supervised program of sports.


Most of the programs offered by SYA are available to children in the Elementary and Middle school age groups. During the formative years, Elementary schools, the program focuses on skill development and instruction of the sports fundamentals. As the youth progress into the Middle School grades, the focus begins to include competitive disciplines in preparation for the High School Programs. Some sports offer programs to High School age groups only when appropriate participants and resources are available, and such programs do not conflict with high school programs. The focus of the high school programs are competitive while continuing to promote the ideals stated above.

SYA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action organization. No person shall be excluded from participation in programs or be subject to discrimination because of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age or disability in accordance with Federal and State laws and regulations.

Article III - Membership


Section 1 General Membership: Any parent, coach, or sponsor having a child participate and/or any parent, coach sponsor that supports the purposes of SYA.

Section 2 Eligibility for Office


In order to run for an office in the organization, the individual must attend a total of three (3) scheduled monthly meetings within a five (5) month period. This does not include the month of July or August.


If an individual misses three consecutive meetings within a five month period, he/she forfeits eligibility to run for office.


Section 3 Dues

There are no membership dues required to belong to this organization.

Section 4 Voting


Any parent, coach or sponsor at least 18 years old may vote on election of officers and amendments to the by-laws.


Article IV - Officers


Section 1 Elected Officers

The elected officers of SYA will consist of President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. There is no limit on the consecutive terms any officer may serve. The President will be elected to a two (2) year term. The Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected to one (1) year terms. Smithsburg Youth Athletics, Inc. By-Laws Amended December 2011

Section 2 Executive Board of SYA


The executive board will consist of the five officers of SYA: the President, two Vice Presidents, the Secretary and the Treasurer.


This board will be responsible for the handling of the day-to-day operations of the league. This will include:


Appointing Directors of the different sports programs

Establishing and maintaining the league budget

Overseeing the management of the league facilities

Section 3 Duties of the Officers


President: The President shall preside at all monthly league meetings of SYA as well as the meetings of the Board of Directors. He/She will enforce observance of the SYA By-laws.

The President will have general and active management of all SYA business. He/She may co-sign checks with the Treasurer. He/She will see that all decisions if the Board of Directors are carried out. He/she will generally oversee the officers of SYA and see that their duties are efficiently carried out. He/she will be a member of all standing committees and shall have the power and duties of management usually given to the President of a corporation. The President will form Committees and appoint Committee members when necessary.


Vice Presidents: The Vice-Presidents will, in the case of the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties of the office, and while so acting, shall have all the powers of the office. In addition, the Vice-Presidents will perform other duties as assigned by the President.

Secretary: The Secretary will keep a true account of all official meetings, maintain appropriate files, keep the minutes of all meetings and cause them to be recorded in a file for that purpose. The Secretary shall maintain the attendance listing in order to verify office eligibility. All SYA correspondence will be conducted through the Secretary.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will receive all monies of SYA and keep itemized records of all league receipts and expenditures. He/she will pay out funds as authorized by the Executive Board. Both the President and the Treasurer must sign all checks. All monies will be banked in the name of Smithsburg Youth Athletics, Inc. An audit of the books shall be made within thirty days after a new President takes office or at any time the President may deem necessary. A written financial report shall be made by the Treasurer and presented at the monthly meeting in February.


Section 4 Term of Office


Each Officer shall serve through the calendar year starting on January 1 and ending December 31.

Section 5 Nominations and Elections of Officers

A nominating committee will be formed at the regular September monthly meeting. Nominations shall occur at the regular October monthly meeting with discussions of the candidate’s qualifications and agenda occurring at the November monthly meeting by the general membership.


Article V – Meetings


Section 1 Regular Meetings

Regular monthly meetings shall occur on the first Sunday of the month commencing at 7:00 p.m. Smithsburg Youth Athletics, Inc. By-Laws Amended December 2011

Section 2 Annual meeting

The annual meeting will occur in conjunction with the written financial report to be presented at the regular February monthly meeting.

Section 3 Special Meetings

Special meetings shall be called by any of the Officers on an as required basis.

Section 4 Quorum

A quorum is defined as one half of the eligible members plus one.

Article VI – Board of Directors

Section 1 Composition

The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Board plus the Individual Program Directors

Section 2 Powers

The Board of Directors will oversee the day-to-day operations of the sports programs. This will include:

League administration

Policy issues

Bring motions to the general membership

Section 3 Duties of Program Directors 

Planning, organizing and assisting in player registration, tryouts, and team selection.

Maintaining an inventory of all league equipment and facility maintenance

Developing, managing and presenting a budget to the executive board

Arranging for the purchase of uniforms, team pictures and awards

Scheduling practice times, setting up game schedules and arranging for officials

Canceling events due to inclement weather

Selecting qualified Division Leaders and coaches as needed

Organizing coaches’ meetings during the season

Prepare individual sports reports to be given at monthly SYA meetings

Assisting during the season to resolve conflicting game schedules, questions concerning rules and playing times, parent concerns and training coaches to help run productive and instructive practices

Participating in any league activity that benefits the youth of the community

Section 4 Meetings

Monthly meetings of the Board of Director will occur in conjunction with the monthly meeting of the general membership on the first Sunday of the month.

Program directors will meet with Division Leaders and coaches during their sports season

Section 5 Quorum of the Board of Directors

A quorum is defined as one half of the Board of Directors, plus one. In the absence of a quorum, the officers may rule. 

Article VII – Committees

Section 1 Judicial Committee

A Judicial Committee may be formed to review issues brought before the Board. Smithsburg Youth Athletics, Inc. By-Laws Amended December 2011

Section 2 Election Committee

The Election Committee will be formed from three individuals representing general Membership. Their charter is to nominate individuals for each of the Officer positions. In the event that no new nominations can be brought forth for any of the Officer positions, the current Officer shall automatically assume that same position for another term.

Article VIII – Parliamentary Procedures

Shall be followed as in Robert’s Rules.

Article IX – Amendment of the Bylaws

A committee appointed by the Executive Board consisting of three (3) program specific members and one Board Member shall meet to discuss any proposed changes. These changes will then be brought back to a meeting of the general membership for discussion and eventual vote by the general membership.

Article X – SYA Scholarship

To be developed by the Scholarship Committee; will include the purpose, eligibility, number and amount of the scholarships, criteria, selection of recipients, method of payment.

Article XII – Dissolution

In the event that SYA does not function for a consecutive period of twelve (12) months, then the last known Treasurer and President are directed and authorized to pay all outstanding bills. All remaining funds shall be distributed equally to active, non-profit athletic organizations within the service area.

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